WhatsApp brings new features that will really change your experience

WhatsApp is now part of our daily life and has been for several years. And Meta’s messaging app keeps evolving over time to improve the user experience. Moreover, the group announced lots of new features already in place or to come at the end of the year. More recently, the platform revealed some of its plans for new updates that can only improve its daily use.

Send messages to yourself

Basically, WhatsApp allows you to chat with loved ones or even create groups to share content and exchange conversations. But the application now offers a new feature that will give the possibility to send messages to oneself. This new feature is currently being deployed and will soon be available for all Android users, but also on iPhones a little later.

This feature is useful and very practical to make your daily life easier. It allows you to send each other messages or multimedia content, write reminders, write down a list of tasks to be done. In short, it will allow you to memorize all kinds of information. Plus, messages are automatically synced across all the devices you use.

To be able to use the “message to self” feature, go to the app, then open a new chat. Then click on your name or phone number. Now you can send each other messages, photos and any other kind of content as with another user. In addition, the messages are end-to-end encrypted so no one else can access them.

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Finally quality photos

Apart from messages sent to oneself, WhatsApp is also preparing to integrate a whole other feature. The latter allows users to send an image without the original quality being affected. You can choose the quality of the photo sent or keep its original quality.

Previously, the application received many criticisms on this point. And the beta for Android giving the possibility to choose the quality between automatic, best quality and data saver was not enough to solve the problem. Indeed, the results are still disappointing and do not correspond to users’ expectations.

This next update is then the real solution to this problem. In case of conclusive test results, any WhatsApp user could finally take advantage of this new feature. An option when sending a photo will then allow you to choose to keep the original quality of the photo. We can thus choose different parameters for each photo.

It should also be noted that this function will first appear on the Android version of the application. You will then have to wait longer before you can enjoy it on iOS.

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