WhatsApp allows you to mute and send messages during group calls

Expanding its functions beyond instant messaging, WhatsApp has just announced the incorporation of a series of updates and new functions to its voice calling tool, allowing as of this week to silence and send messages to specific people present within a call. group, in addition to other additions such as a small pop-up message in which the name and photo of any user who joins the call in progress will be displayed.

This has been shared from the company’s own official account, backed by a second publication by Will Cathcart, current head of the application, who added a somewhat more illustrative photograph of how these new features will work within the application.

However, at the moment it seems that these new functions will only be present in the mobile application, without knowing when we could expect to find them within the desktop application, and obviously WhatsApp Web, which still does not even have the function itself to make voice calls.

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