WhatsApp allows you to block “last connection”

There are those who are very jealous of their privacy and do not want to feel persecuted when using a mobile messaging service. Knowing when was the last time you connected to a service is often the reason why many decide to go into ninja mode and prevent their contacts from knowing when they are in and out of the application in question.

The last to incorporate the function of being able to see the last connection time was Instagram and its private messages in Direct. A somewhat controversial introduction but fortunately it can be deactivated, as in WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger for example. If you want to go unnoticed among your contacts and not see the time you connect, we teach you how to stop showing the time, reviewed the web portal Xacata

WhatsApp has allowed for many years to hide the last connection time so that no one checks when we open the app. Deactivating it is very simple but it has several consequences: we cannot see when other people connect and we will be visible when we are with the app open seeing our list of contacts or writing to someone.

To deactivate it we have to follow the following steps:

  • We open the ‘Settings’ menu, you can access it by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner where the list of conversations is.
  • Within ‘Settings’ we go to the section that says ‘Account’.
  • Then we go to ‘Privacy’.
  • We play where it says ‘Late hour. time’ and we choose who we want to share that information with: our contacts, the whole world or nobody.
  • You can also uncheck the read confirmation if you want from the same section.

It is a reversible process, as in the rest of the applications, so if at any time we change our mind, it is very easy to activate it again.

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