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WhatsApp 2? Find out why this became the most commented topic on Twitter

Who accessed the Twitter this Monday (22) may have been frightened by the term WhatsApp 2 appearing among the trending topics of the social network. In the search it is possible to notice several users commenting with improvements that they would like to see in this supposed second version of Facebook messenger.

But no, WhatsApp, at least as far as we know, will not have the launch of a new app 2 or something like that. It’s all just another joke on social media, a meme that went viral when shared by some influencers on Twitter.


A fake (and somewhat amateurish) image says that there are 12 days until the launch of WhatsApp 2, with a gold logo on a black background. Chic right? But none of this is real and a lot of people got into the joke.

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There are even those who are asking that the new “zap” bring the option of not showing when a user is online or a voicemail accelerator.

Light at the end of the tunnel for WhatsApp 2?

Unfortunately the Mark Zuckerberg platform has no updates of this type, nor a WhatsApp 2, scheduled for the next few days, but it seems that there were people who really believed. However, some rumors can cheer up those who are looking to see news in the app.

Among them, the dream of people who do not like long audios and also avoid leaving their friends unanswered, which is the possibility of speeding up the reproduction, in addition to images that self-destruct after being seen and security measures, such as passwords in the files. backup.

None of the news has yet been confirmed by Facebook, but were anticipated by WABeta Info, which has a high hit rate when it comes to new WhatsApp features.

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So don’t wait 12 days ahead, WhatsApp 2 is not coming around. For now, we need to settle for the standard version of the application itself, or other similar services.

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