What’s up ?! The tennis rapper on the court was furious


Before the start of the recent US Open, Paire had a positive test for coronavirus, due to which he could not start in New York. However, his return to the courts did not work out at all.

At 2: 1 in the second set, he wanted to have the track of the ball checked after the opponent’s return, which was reported as good, but the Frenchman complained about the car.

“I can’t go check the ball because you were on the move, Benoite,” the judge explained. Of course, Paire vehemently refused, immediately reporting the ball as a car. his judge.

“Why are the rules always for him?”

In a fit of rage, an enraged Paire called a physiotherapist for treatment, but he soon refused. The squabble continued with the referee asking the player to remove the plastic bottle he had thrown from the court. Then the tennis player fired a racket from the court with all his might.

Another dispute between the two men came at 4: 1 and 30:15. Paire gave an ace from the first serve, however the referee let the ball repeat because the opponent was not ready to play. “What’s up? What is the rule again? ”Said the familiar stormtrooper.

“How long do I have to wait. The rule says he is ready to be serving. I’ve been ready for about 10 seconds, “he continued.” Why the rules keep bending in his favor, “he continued.

Paire, who had left the game, left the game and the ball went wide.


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