What’s next for football star Tom Brady?

The best quarterback in NFL history fails early with Tampa Bay. again. The farewell to the Buccaneers is likely. Possibly a career end.

In the end, Tom Brady at least waved briefly. He had removed his helmet and was now wearing a hat. He also dropped them for a short time and greeted the fans. He waved as he slowly trotted off the field. It was a sad goodbye. Probably one forever from Raymond James Stadium.

Brady is out of the North American Pro League playoffs NFL eliminated. Of course not alone. After the 14:31 of his Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Dallas Cowboys, everything focused on the 45-year-old. To the most successful quarterback in the best football league in the world. Once again there is speculation about how things will continue with Brady. It should be certain that he will leave the Buccaneers. But where to? Or does he completely stop what he had planned a year ago, only to continue his career a short time later?

Things didn’t go well for Tom Brady in the main round

There is a large pirate ship in the Buccaneers’ stadium. Freibeuter is the German translation of their club name. Whenever the Buccaneers score a touchdown, cannonballs ring out. This season, however, the Florida team made little loot. Even the main round was sobering. Only eight wins from 17 games. It was enough for the wild card round in the playoffs. But not against Dallas there.

“It’s not the ending we wanted. We didn’t deserve it, but they did. They played well all year, including today,” Brady summarized the end. Tampa Bay had no chance. Because the offensive was not dangerous and the defense was overwhelmed. “It was typical of how we’ve played all year. It’s hard to be a good team when you play like that,” Brady said. So his 23rd NFL season ended in disappointment.

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Like a year ago. At that time he retired early with Tampa Bay against the later champions Los Angeles Rams. Brady wanted to end his career, had already announced that. 40 days later, however, he changed his mind. He was still entering his fourth season with the Buccaneers. He wanted to win his eighth Super Bowl. Out came the sobering realization that he was as far from triumph this season as a greasy burger is from healthy food.

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Brady doesn’t want to look too far ahead just yet

Brady answered questions from the media. He stood in the press conference room for a good four minutes, wearing a dark hoodie and a dark cap. He spoke softly but deliberately. Just like a professional who has experienced everything in his career. “I’m going home and trying to sleep as well as I can tonight,” said the 45-year-old. He didn’t want to look any further into the future. It just feels like the end of a season. Not more.

There is a lot of speculation in the US. About the end of the superstar’s career. But also about a possible change. Three teams are said to be interested in signing, including the Las Vages Raiders. Brady emphasized that he loves the organization in Tampa Bay. He thanked the journalists for their cooperation. “I thank you for the respect shown and I hope I was able to return the same,” he said and disappeared.

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