What’s New in Destiny: Beyond Light

We have been looking at the story of Destiny. We did this in our Destiny special: A deep dive into the story. That was not without reason. Destiny: Beyond Light was coming. And then a refresher course is often nice. After months of anxiously waiting, the new major expansion is finally here. Koos and Daan immediately jumped on it. Together they look at what’s new about Destiny: Beyond Light and talk about their first hours in the game.

Destiny Content Vault

Over the past few years, Destiny 2 has become too big for Bungie to update and maintain as efficiently as possible. Beyond Light is going to change this. For example, Bungie introduces the Destiny Content Vault. Five of the main worlds in the game, along with their specific activities, campaigns, raids, and more, have been placed in the Vault and will be removed from the base game. The intention is that the content is temporarily placed in it, to remit it and to place it back in the game at a later time. In short: you get content, you lose content.

A new era begins

In Beyond Light, the player travels to Jupiter’s icy moon: Europe. You do this to confront the darkness. Fortunately, you are not alone, as The Exo Stranger returns in the game. A character last seen at the end of Destiny 1. The Exo Stranger comes from a different timeline where The Darkness ultimately won. She is now trying, just like in Destiny 1, to help you defeat the enemy. Besides the story of Beyond Light, there is also enough content added, such as: Gear, Weaponry, a Raid and much more. This is in exchange for content which is therefore temporarily removed. Bungie described Beyond Light as a new era for Destiny. Let’s see if they can make it happen.

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