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The train drivers’ union GDL is on strike again – until Tuesday there will be massive train cancellations and delays at Deutsche Bahn and the S-Bahn in Munich. We’ll tell you what to watch out for.

The train drivers’ union GDL is on strike again. This time, passenger traffic was affected for a full five days. Passengers of the German train threaten it in Munich too Train cancellations and delays. GDL boss Claus Weselsky would like to do so “Achieve better incomes and the small pensions […] protectionas he says.

How long will the GDL strike in Munich last?

The passenger trains will be on strike from Thursday morning (September 2), 2 a.m., to Tuesday (September 7) – the longest of the three strike rounds so far will last five days. The restrictions are likely to drag on well into Wednesday, even if the labor dispute officially ends at night. Freight traffic will be on strike from Wednesday 5 p.m.

Which trains are affected?

Passengers have to expect numerous train cancellations and delays in regional and long-distance traffic. Presumably the S-Bahn in Munich will also be affected again.

Deutsche Bahn advises postponing long-distance travel that is not absolutely necessary. The ticket validity will be extended, it says on the website. Tickets that have already been purchased can therefore be used flexibly or canceled free of charge.

What is the situation like in Munich’s local transport?

The Munich S-Bahn is planning a significantly reduced timetable – similar to previous strikes. According to Deutsche Bahn, the Munich railways will run at least every hour. Of the The replacement schedule for the first day of the strike is already available in the travel information, the other days are to follow from September 1st.

The underground, trams and buses of the MVG are not affected and run according to the timetable, as are the MVV regional buses. Due to the strike, the MVV points out that there may be slight delays due to the higher number of passengers.

What alternatives are there?

On some routes within the city, buses, underground trains and trams offer good alternatives – on others, on the other hand, the journey with MVV transport takes significantly longer. In the MVV timetable information you can find out about current connections and alternatives.

In Munich, instead of the S-Bahn, car sharing offers, taxis or transport companies such as Uber or Bolt can also be used within the catchment area.

Where are the threats of traffic jams on the streets?

Anyone who changes from the train to the car now has to be prepared for traffic jams and restrictions in some places. Due to the likely increased volume of traffic during the strike, road works and closed roads may take even longer for drivers. here you will find an overview of current construction sites and closures.



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