What you (didn’t) miss: Inflation is accelerating, the world is dealing with the “right to disconnect”, cars are running out …

Favorable developments on world stock exchanges could continue in the coming weeks and months and carry over to next year. That’s what analysts approached by the E15 daily believe. Many major indices that measure stock prices have strengthened considerably this year and are reaching records. For example, shares of Chinese companies, domestic banks or securities of payment companies such as Visa or MasterCard appear to be attractive to experts. However, some experts warn of possible risks.

European countries are gradually introducing a “right to disconnect”. Employees no longer risk trouble because they do not monitor work mail in their free time. The law applies in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. Portugal joined last week after approving a new labor code. With a stricter separation of work and private life, the Czech Republic will probably wait for a Europe-wide directive that will ensure employees the right to undisturbed rest.

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Rising fuel prices in the Czech Republic

It is becoming more and more difficult for second-hand car shops to buy a used vehicle and expand its own offer with it. At the same time, it continues to enjoy high demand. As a result, the number of domestic car bazaars available for immediate sale is declining in a number of domestic second-hand car shops.

The futuristic grocery store Od naše, opened by the Slovak billionaire Patrik Tkáč, has opened in Bratislava. The store tests artificial intelligence, which serves customers, selects their wine and organizes their shopping. The entrepreneur invested between four and five million euros in the project, in terms of over one hundred million crowns.

What does the new store look like? Take a look at the gallery:

US investment firm Blackstone is investing $ 250 million in Autolus Therapeutics, an anti-cancer therapy company. So far, the company’s largest shareholder has been the Czech PPF Group, which invested $ 120 million in a British pharmaceutical company two years ago.

US electric car maker Rivian has raised $ 11.9 billion by selling shares in its initial public offering (IPO). He received $ 78 for each share, which is more than the company originally planned. According to Dealogic, it is one of the ten largest share subscriptions in the primary public offering in the United States.

The domestic fund Hydrogen1, in which billionaires Petr Otava or Pavel Juříček have money, is planning the first hydrogen investment in the Czech Republic. As a financial partner, it intends to participate in the H2 Triangle project, within which a hydrogen research center will be established in northern Bohemia for more than 600 million crowns. The project will be covered by the investment company ForH2Energy, founded last year by Tomáš Krenc, co-owner of the chemical engineering company Cheminvest.

In October, Czech inflation increased its growth rate to 5.8 percent year on year from 4.9 percent in September. This is the highest year-on-year growth since October 2008. Housing-related items continue to make the largest contribution to price growth. The rise in fuel prices is also noticeable.

The economic results of state-controlled companies have fallen by more than half in just three years. In 2018, thirty-six entities such as ČEZ, Čepro, the ČEPS transmission system, Mero, Prague Airport, České dráhy or Lesy České republiky reported a profit after tax in the aggregate amount of almost 33 billion crowns. Last year, the total number fell to 14.7 billion. This follows from the reports of the Ministry of Finance on strategic companies with state ownership and state-owned enterprises. The office does not expect an improvement in this year’s performance.

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The Czech energy group Solek, operating in the field of renewable energy sources, will build up to 28 solar power plants in Chile with a total output of 200 MW to one of the funds of the American corporation BlackRock, which is the largest investment company in the world. The transaction also includes an agreement that Solek will also oversee the subsequent maintenance and service of these projects and Aediles Capital Inc. will oversee asset management on behalf of the BlackRock Fund.

A spectacular project is underway on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border to transform Eurasian logistics. The East West Gate transhipment yard has to handle up to a million shipping containers a year, mainly those from China. The terminal, for more than two billion crowns, will thus become the largest freight railway hub of the old continent. It will run emission-free thanks to energy from its own solar farm and will be the first in Europe to have a private 5G network supplied by Chinese technology giant Huawei.

Volkswagen ends production of the Chinese Santana after 36 years.  Rapid will also stop production

Originally a Czech company, Bohemia Interactive Simulations will pass into British hands. Weapon giant BAE Systems is buying a company that specializes in developing combat simulators that allow soldiers to practice in virtual reality.

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