What would you do if you found a million dollars on the street? The dilemma faced by a Virginia family | Univision News

After weeks of confinement to avoid being infected by coronavirus, A Virginia family decided to go for a ride in their vehicle and found almost a million dollars in two garbage bags.

David and Emily Schantz, accompanied by their children, left their Caroline County home in Maryland and drove over what they thought was a garbage bag. After stopping, then picking it up, they realized that there was another similar nearby. Without looking at its contents, they simply threw them in the back of the vehicle and continued their journey, Emily Schantz explained to the press.

It was upon returning home that they realized that the bags contained money.

“Inside the bag, there were plastic bags with an inscription that said ‘cash vault’Schantz told WTVR.

The family contacted the police from Caroline County, who sent her agents to the house. Agents took the bags and determined that the money totaled nearly $ 1 million.

Major Scott Moser of the Caroline Police said that the authorities have determined where the money was directed, but they continue trying to clarify how it ended up in the middle of a Gouchland county highway.

Moser did not specifically say what the money was for, but indicated that he hopes the owners will offer the Schantz a good deal. reward.

“It is the least they deserve for their actions,” Moser said. “They saved someone a ton of money and set a wonderful example for everyone.”

They ask that money taken from the Georgia highway be returned after an armored truck threw it

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