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Donald Trump, one of the largest and most powerful newspapers in the United States, in the New York Times, had a personalized follow-up during his four years as president, taking notes, analyzing, classifying and of course making it known as weekly updated news, of the lies, falsehoods, not truths, that the president was pouring out all the time.

Needless to say that the coverage was everything, except to the liking of President Trump, who on some occasion, very in passing, even mentioned that the Times had obscure interests after the persecution of his person, even ascribing them to Carlos Slim, who coincidentally, had at some point the share control of the powerful communication medium.

It is almost obligatory commonplace to cite that phrase attributed to Joseph Goebels, who was a propaganda minister of the Third Reich, that a lie repeated a thousand times ended up becoming true, or well, appearing true.

In Mexico, a civil organization has been given the task of repeating the exercise that the Times did with Donald Trump, the SPIN consulting firm periodically cuts the alleged lies, half-truths, falsehoods or exaggerations that according to President López Obrador, specifically at their press conferences each morning.

If we go to those we go, the Mexican president would far exceed his colleague and North American friend, the cut on September 1 was 61 thousand 79 false statements that the head of the executive power would have made, at a rate of 89 each morning, accounting for 684 of are.

In these circumstances, the theory attributed to Goebels and which has been used and abused by marketers and propagandists not only in the political environment, but also in the commercial environment and in practically all aspects of human life in society, and in specific cases of Donald Trump and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it would be worth reflecting on the usefulness that truth really has in our daily lives, and lowering it even more, the role of communication between people, and in this particular case, between rulers and the governed.

Do press conferences, statements, tweets, statements, speeches, presidential reports make sense, which this six-year term has been abused by doing them quarterly, knowing that there is a high probability that they contain falsehoods? At the discretion of each one, but it still occurs to us that there may be something even worse, and that is that the information is not only being manipulated from past or present issues, but through flawed communication it may be trying to influence the future , through the deliberate and systematic deception of the population.

This is relevant because the government of the Republic, the presidency and the Ministry of Foreign Relations, have been releasing information that seems to us quite partial, not to say false, although quite biased, regarding what has become in the strong letter, perhaps the only one, in the foreign policy of the current administration.

We refer to the proposal that President López Obrador made before the United Nations Security Council, chaired this month by Mexico in its capacity as a non-permanent member, bypassing all the barriers, all the protocols, regulations and agendas.

They have called it the World Plan of Fraternity and Well-being, which in its three or four points, aims to go beyond the commitment of the United Nations Organization with the objectives of sustainable development of the millennium, which have a date of fulfillment in the year 2030. Some have found the proposal simplistic that the one thousand richest people on the planet donate a percentage of their wealth, that the thousand largest corporations do the same with their profits, that all countries contribute a given percentage of their product gross domestic, and that are that money, a direct economic endowment scheme is established, which differs very little from the scholarships or pensions that the Mexican government provides via the welfare ministry, which would reach 750 million people, plus or less a 10% of the total of the inhabitants of the planet.

One point on which President López Obrador emphasized at the UN was that the contribution would be voluntary, and that is where things start to get complicated, because Who in his right mind, especially being a billionaire who made himself Even from below, would you release 4% of your fortune to a public entity, a national or international government, known to be inefficient in managing money and solving problems? That is, individuals and companies still worse.

Well, according to the version of the presidency and Foreign Relations, just leaving the Security Council meeting, and there were already 47 countries that declared they were interested in the Fraternity program, it seemed to us an exaggeration, especially after the The representative of Russia, with all due respect and diplomacy, as things tend to be there, said that everything was fine, but the Council was not the place to discuss economic issues. Others with more experience in international politics, and protected by the United Nations bureaucracy, would simply have let the matter die, but as Q4 says “we are not equal”, and by the morning after the bridge of November 20 … On November 16, Marcelo Ebrard mentioned that there were already more than a hundred countries interested in the program of President López Obrador.

Incidentally, the portal The Conversation published an article that was not even commissioned to do, entitled Why taxing the wealth of American billionaires, as Biden tried, will never work.

The issue is very interesting, because the American president has tried since he took office to launch his infrastructure program, with which he seeks to reactivate the United States economy supported with resources from the richest … which happens to be protected by the Constitution, which it prevents precisely that, direct differential taxes.

For all intents and purposes, it is unconstitutional, there, and it will be in many places, to the point that they will try to get rid of the fact that … the contribution is voluntary, ah well, with that. Who, who pays taxes, would give 4%, once or annually, for others to handle it as they want? Nobody, for that each billionaire has his own foundation to support what he wants or nothing.

For now, Mexico, according to, is joining countries and more countries to the Fraternity and Welfare proposal, we will see who puts the first trillion … if it happens, because at least in the 2022 budget that 0.2% does not come for the world fund .

* Faculty of Economics of the Autonomous University of Coahuila


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