What will happen to stock prices in 2023? Ukraine War Escalates and World Returns to Quantitative Easing, But 80-Year Cycle Turbulence Continues and There is Risk of Accelerating Turmoil Due to Weakened Finance (1/5) | JBpress (JBpress)

The 80-year cycle of turmoil continues and there is a risk of an acceleration of the turmoil due to the weakening of the financial system

There is still no clear path to ending the war in Ukraine (Photo: Reuters/Aflo)

(Shigeo Ichioka: Market Researcher)

Russia shocks US with restrictions on resource exports

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, the surge in global prices due to rising energy prices, etc., a sharp depreciation of the yen to the level of 150 yen against the dollar and the de facto increase in interest rates interest from the Bank of Japan… the unexpected 2022 has come to an end. , the new year is over.

What year will 2023 be?

I predict that the world will become more unstable and chaotic, and that the “global scale of the Bakumatsu era” will progress, with political, economic, military and natural upheavals.

In terms of markets, we expect a year of price volatility across markets as geopolitical tensions escalate and debt issues escalate. While it sounds like a pinch to investors, the turbulence also means opportunity for the market.

The main reason for the volatility is the escalating war between Russia and the US-backed Ukraine.

In general, Russia is believed to have been harmed by economic sanctions from leading Western countries and is on the defensive in military terms. However, Russia, a resource-rich country, is trying to shake up the stock price, which is the strength and weakness of the United States, by limiting the export of various resources and increasing inflation concerns.

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