What will be the next dominant variant?

There are many variants of COVID, but three are most closely monitored because of their high transmissibility.

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Pharmacist Diane Lamarre discussed it during her segment on the 100% Nouvelles program on LCN.

The BA.2.12.1 variant is mainly observed in the United States, in New England.

“He is the closest to us. There are large outbreaks in New York State. It is already identified in Quebec. Three weeks ago we had about 1% of this BA2.12.1 in Quebec. Last week we had 2%, and this week we are at 5.9%. So it is progressing and it is considered to be of concern, ”explains the pharmacist.

The BA.4 and BA.5 variants were both first spotted in South Africa.

“They are invading Europe a lot, especially Portugal. It’s been rising 13% every day since the beginning of May in this country. We are at more than 37% of the cases which are a BA.5. Deaths are recorded, more than 120 deaths per week currently in Portugal. It’s really very important,” explains Diane Lamarre.

Health authorities consider these two variants to be of concern because of their high transmissibility. Their virulence is not yet known.

To avoid having complications related to COVID and its variants, the pharmacist suggests getting your booster dose of the COVID vaccine, whether it’s your third or fourth for people over 80.

Wearing a mask is also a tool to prevent infections, and therefore prevent contracting COVID.

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