what will be the iPhone 12, which will be presented in October?

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Although Apple did not show the iPhone 12 at its September launch, the specs of the new iPads could give an idea of ​​what the smartphone will be like, Business Insider writes. Tablets and iPhones may have similar processor, appearance, display and other features.

Business Insider Edition tried Imagine what the iPhone 12 will be like based on the specifications of the updated iPad Air and Pro tablets. Apple showed them at its traditional presentation on September 15th.

New chip

The new iPad Air will feature the A14 processor, a 5nm chip that houses 40% more transistors than the A13 released by Apple last year. According to the company, the new processor will be significantly more productive and more energy efficient than its predecessor. All the latest A-series chips from Apple have been placed in new smartphones since the iPhone 4, writes Business Insider. The company first installed the A4 processor in this model in the first generation iPad.

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The new iPhone 12 will likely be powered by the A14 processor, the publication concludes. Confirms this and article Bloomberg journalist Mark Gourmet, the source of many leaks about Apple products.

Old form

The design of the iPhone 12 may also resemble Apple’s next-generation tablets, Business Insider believes. Unlike its predecessors with rounded edges, the new iPad Air and Pro design refers to the iPhone 5 released in 2012. This feature may become a feature of the new model of the “apple” smartphone. Earlier on the iPhone redesign also reported Mark Gourmet.

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The same can be said for color schemes: despite Apple’s long commitment to austere and clean design, the new iPad Air comes in five vibrant colors. It is possible that iPhone 12 buyers will be able to choose from different color options, writes Business Insider.

Other features

The new iPhone could also get ProMotion, which boosts the refresh rate to 120Hz, which the iPad Pro already has. The publication reports this with reference to the Everything Apple Pro YouTube channel. In addition, from the new iPad, the smartphone may get a LiDAR scanner, which will improve the performance of AR applications.

Introduce the new smartphone to the Apple public promises in October.

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