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Last night from Massimo Giletti to “It’s not the Arena”Went guest Fabrizio Corona who wanted to tell everything he knows about the Genovese case that he has been holding in the last few days.

Massimo Giletti interviewed him and Corona made some very strong revelations.

Corona tells everything he knows about the parties organized in Milan by Genovese.

Fabrizio Corona made some very strong revelations about the case Genovese and he said: “From a judicial point of view I absolve Loli, but from a moral point of view, I do not. But if he says he didn’t know the girl was 18, that’s a glaring lie. I know this world better than anyone, I have had a lot of women, but I am condemned from a moral point of view, not a judicial one ”.

And then Fabrizio Corona he continued: “The most serious crime that took place inside that house, according to the penal code, is not sexual violence, but drug dealing, which absorbs all the other crimes. There were dishes with drugs of any kind offered and consumed in the same place. This is the first episode of such heavy violence in Italy and Europe. Taken from cameras in all respects ”.

And then, again: “These are parties organized only for this reason. Doing drugs, taking advantage of girls who go to these parties for the economic size of the people and therefore not for pure fun. In Milan, which is different from Rome, there are various wealthy social categories. Genovese had become rich, he was not born rich. In Milan there are groups of very young people who do the same things as Genovese, who throw parties and call girls attracted to easy cocaine use. Carlo Cracco was also present at these dinners. Your moral ethic allows you to go to parties and see stoned girls, cocaine spinning, people prostituting themselves, a mass of subhumans who have no values ​​and only think about getting high, because in this era it doesn’t matter and the only goal is to be part of this type of society? ”.

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Selvaggia Lucarelli’s reaction “What Massimo Giletti has allowed is very serious”

After the broadcast she intervened on social media Wild Lucarelli that has thrown itself against Massimo Giletti: “Tell me if it is normal that a person under house arrest with I don’t know how many sentences behind him is allowed to moralize on the Genovese case, to make him launch accusations against Carlo Cracco (connivance), Cracco who was paid for catering. It is a very serious thing ”.

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