What was so bad IL-2126

After the collapse of the USSR, the Russian auto industry was a rather deplorable sight anyway, but among them was a model that could be called an Ode to low quality – IL-2126.

“Oda” began to be developed back in 1975, but its release into the series was repeatedly postponed. As a result, the car was assembled “from what it was”, borrowing parts from many models that came out before 2005. The motor was taken from the VAZ-2106, the box and the rear axle from Moskvich, several parts from the GAZ.

Build quality, even by the standards of two thousandths, does not hold water. Poor fit of body parts, poor-quality welds. In the cabin, things are not better: there was no talk of any ergonomics of the handles, levers and buttons fell off. The interior itself is finished with recyclables, which is why the front panel rattles even on a flat road.

Management in IL is completely unintuitive. Of course, the car turns if you turn the steering wheel, but where and how it turns is not clear. In addition to this, there are banks that even heavy frame SUVs do not allow themselves.

Despite the claimed galvanization, the Ode rots as quickly as the Lada. The only advantage of the Ode was its interior. In size, it reaches the Volga saloon, although ILs are even smaller in size. The front seats in the Ode are quite comfortable.

Another advantage of IZH is its low price: on a secondary secondary 2126 with a mileage of 50,000 km you can buy for 30-75 thousand rubles. However, for the same money you can buy a “nine”, so the existence of IL-2126 “Ode” is simply meaningless.



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