What vaccine protects against Delta, COVID-19, why the third vaccination

The third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, which began to be used in Israel, will help to significantly reduce the number of seriously ill patients. Vaccinated people continue to be infected with COVID-19 due to virus mutations, but in the vast majority of cases, the vaccine saves from the worst-case scenario of the disease.

About this in an exclusive blitz interview OBOZREVATEL told the anesthesiologist responsible for clinical trials of drugs for COVID-19 and postcoid lesions in one of the Israeli companies Boris Bryl… According to him, all vaccines are equally effective against new strains, but there are two that do the job better. And in general, the side effects of vaccination are greatly exaggerated.

Vaccination saves from severe illness and death.
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The third dose of vaccine: when and why is it needed

In Israel, there is an increase in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, that is, positive PCR tests (4033. – Ed.). But, fortunately, the growth in the number of cases, that is, those who have symptoms, remains very low. The number of severe cases is quite small, which means the vaccine is working. Unfortunately, not as efficient as we would like, but it works.

According to the doctor, they still have not quarantined anything, although there are many elderly people and a high population density in the country. This is not to say that everyone strictly adheres to the sanitary rules. Masks, of course, are worn, but not in the same way as in Japan. And despite this, the increase in the incidence is small.

According to scientific work, published in the journal Nature, there is no need for a booster vaccination, there is no third dose of the vaccine – it does not reduce the risk of developing morbidity. At the same time, more extensive studies are being conducted, which are aimed at studying not so much the transmission of the virus as a whole, but how to reduce the severity of the disease, its symptomatic course.

Today in Israel about 15% of the adult population has been vaccinated with the third dose. I think in 2 weeks we will get very good results. The expected effect is a decrease in the number of confirmed infections, positive PCR tests and an even greater decrease in severely ill patients.

Anesthesiologist Boris Bril.

What vaccine should I get the third vaccine?

The third vaccine can be given with a different vaccine than the previous two. There are scientific studies that show that this is acceptable.

Why is the booster vaccination carried out at least 5 months after the main one? Because for the first 5 months, most of the vaccinated have maximum protection.

But there is also a fly in the ointment. With the advent of new mutations, these periods are reduced. We see cases of infection after vaccination. Therefore, I hope that new vaccines will be released that are more effective against new strains.

Why do vaccinated people get infected with coronavirus?

People who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus can get COVID-19 because new strains have emerged and because vaccines do not protect 100%. But don’t forget that they get sick much more easily than unvaccinated ones. For example, if we take the population under the age of 40, then we will hardly see vaccinated patients, especially seriously ill patients.

If an unvaccinated person at the age of 80 has an 80% chance of dying from coronavirus, then a vaccinated person has about 5%. Agree, this is essential.

Which vaccine is most effective against the Delta strain

Moderna has shown the best results to date. But with cautious certainty, I can assume that vaccines of the type SinoVacbased on the killed virus may be even more effective. Because in the case of Modern and Pfizer we have antibodies only against a protein or part of a protein, and here we have a complete set of all components of the coronavirus. But again, research will show how correct my assumptions are.

One of the vaccines may be most effective against newer strains.

The side effects of vaccines are greatly exaggerated

The Harvard School has done an extensive study on the side effects of Pfizer vaccine – 1.7 million vaccinees studied. It was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. The study found that side effects are minimal compared to the risks of complicating coronavirus in unvaccinated people. In particular:

  • The number of cases of myocarditis is 7 per 100 thousand people. Most of them are young people between the ages of 20 and 30.

  • Shingles occurred in 16 cases per 100 thousand vaccinated.

  • Swollen lymph nodes – 78 cases per 100 thousand people.

  • Appendicitis – 25 cases per 100 thousand people. It was caused by the vaccine in 5 cases.

  • Thrombosis – no side effects were recorded.

If we compare, for example, the statistics on myocarditis among sick people, then it is 11 cases per 100 thousand of the population, that is, 30% more than among vaccinated people. At the same time, the severity of the course of the disease is several times greater.


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