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“Tiger’s Tail” (“Tigertail”),Alan Young

After returning to the United States from his mother’s funeral in Taiwan, the 60-year-old Ping Ju, accustomed to sacrificing the most sacred all his life, is faced with the need to figure out his past in order to glue pieces of the present. Not knowing how to cope with the alienation that rusted his relationship with his daughter, who was born and raised in America, like rust, he tries to turn to the words of his grandmother from the distant past: “Don’t cry – I won’t help with tears.” However, they turn into poison in a new way of life. When it seems that life has finally reached an impasse, he manages to find a way out, only by really looking deeply into his heart.

The Tiger Tail is a pleasure to watch due to its robust approach to the visual side. Director Alan Young (“Jack of all Trades”, “Parks and Recreation Areas”) masterfully shuffles a deck of themes and images that have long been traditional for the Taiwanese family saga: playing hide and seek with the Kuomintang, romantic dances to the local rock and roll a poor country boy with a girl from a wealthy family, hard factory work, waking dreams in the middle of a rice field, dreams of a better share on the other side of the Earth, difficult assimilation in a foreign country, bitterness from the abyss stretching between generations, and the all-conquering power of love beyond control belt and distances.(Shibanov)

Where to see:Netflix

Sea Fever by Nisa Hardiman

To a surprisingly tightly knocked down sci-fi horror (but rather a thriller), which unwittingly turned out to be relevant in the current situation (for example, the phrase “We need to immediately put ourselves in quarantine” sounds). Unsociable student (Hermione Corfield), studying the behavior of marine organisms, sits on a fishing vessel to conduct a small study “in the field.” Team (main playConnie NielsenandDougray Scott) swims where it is not necessary, and finds itself in the grip of an unknown oceanic parasite, which begins to slowly corrode the sides of the ship.

The film is a good increase in the dose of voltage and is not exchanged for cheap genre receivers. Despite the modest budget, it is really beautiful: the required minimum of graphics is almost mesmerizing a couple of times. “Sea parasites” (which are actually “Sea fever”, but in the wake of Pon Joon Ho’s success, such naming seems to be inevitable) today can be included immediately after the “Infections”Steven soderberg. Firstly, this is a rather funny observation about the collision of worldviews. The sailors are ridiculously scared of the red hair of the main character, who is saved from the image of a very stereotypical laboratory rat by the absence of glasses. Secondly, Sea Parasites clearly (albeit exaggerated) demonstrate the importance of such things as self-awareness and responsibility.(Voronkov)

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Where to see:Okko (soon),Amazon (USA*)

“We Summon the Darkness,” Mark Meyers

Cute retro-horror (again more of a thriller) about religious fanatics in the decorations of the expired 80s. Three girls, not too worried about the current wave of ritual killings, pick up three guys at a completely blasphemous rock concert – and go to a country house to continue the banquet. The innocent party ends first in the most unexpected way for all participants. The director is Mark Meyers, who shot a biopic of the serial killer – cannibal Jeffrey Damer (a person, in general, in the material) a couple of years ago.

“We Call Darkness” is not as insane as one might expect, but you cannot call it a revelation either. What’s what, it becomes clear more or less immediately, twists are presented with a little more fanfare than they should. But this is a completely hilarious anti-religious satire about prejudice and narrow-mindedness, adorned with the “queen of scream”Alexandra Daddarioand the star of the excellent series “Impulse”Maddy Hasson. Johnny Knoxville arises for a short while, then it becomes very good. In Russia, the film acquires an additional layer of irony thanks to the very interview with my grandmother, who says: “This is his[дьявола]music, it sounds in hell. ” In fact, “We Call Darkness” is its film adaptation.(Voronkov)

Where to see:Amazon (USA*)

Homeless Dolls (Stray Dolls), Soneiyuhi Sinha

The crime thriller of Indian director Soneyuhi Sinha “Homeless Puppets” received good press at the Tribeca film festival, and the lead singer Gitanjali Thapa won a special prize from the movie screening jury. The picture tells about the Indian illegal immigrant Reese (Thapa), working as a maid in a provincial American motel. Drug Dallas (Olivia Dejong) steals from Reese all her modest belongings in the hope of getting a dose, and she succeeds: the maid gets into one of the guests and finds a whole cocaine briquette there.

“Homeless dolls” go into the territory of social networks and comment on the failed American dream, but it is not the content that attracts the picture, but the performance. Strong acting, an interesting color scheme in yellow tones, a lot of small, but pleasing to the eye details. At some point, the “Dolls” turn into a version of Thelma and Louise turned inside out, which is only good for them.(Kuzmin)

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Where to see:Amazon (USA*)

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge: Legends of the Mortal Kombat: Ethan Spaulding

Warner bros recently proved to be excellent animated film adaptations of DC comics. They shot a number of feature films about Batman, which quickly became almost iconic. But not single comics. On April 14, the film “Mortal Kombat Legends”: Scorpio Revenge, based on the legendary video game, was released. The cartoon became the first over 20 years of animated manifestation of the heroes of the hit on the screen and serves as an aperitif for the upcoming film, scheduled for next year.

The plot of the cartoon is clear from its name – Shang Zong announces the beginning of the martial arts tournament, which will decide the fate of the Earth, and the best fighters from different worlds are going to his island. The picture, as the name implies, pays a little more attention to Scorpio and his history of getting into the tournament. For fans of the series, in the first 15 minutes a real nirvana comes: Scorpio, Sab Ziro, Sonya, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and Raiden – they all appear on the screen very early and delight the heart. Well, then everything is according to the canon. Cubic meters of blood, severed heads and limbs, broken bones and, of course, fatality. The animators even used a technique from the later games of the series – a stylized X-ray visualization of damage.(Kuzmin)

Where to see:Amazon (USA*)

Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert (Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert), Chris Perkel

The grand annual Coachella festival this year has been canceled for well-known reasons. In order to somehow compensate for this, you can watch the documentary film “Coachella: 20 years in the desert”, dedicated to the anniversary of the festival, which started back in 1999. In 100 minutes of screen time, the creators were able to compile his entire story without missing a single important milestone.

From a movie published on YouTube, you can find out how Coachella was on the verge of bankruptcy at the beginning of her journey, then Jane’s Addiction saved the festival, and Pixies and Radiohead brought him his first profit. There is everything that can be expensive for a music lover:RZADeclares Love for Rage Against The Machine, PregnantBjörk, the legendary pyramid from Daft Punk, Tiesto on the main stage, DJIdris Elba, Kanye West, for which, in 2019, a huge hill was specially poured for the Sunday Service,Jay Zwith a cover of the Beastie Boys and a Tupac hologram. It all ends with the great and terrible Prince, who gave an unforgettable show here in 2008.(Kuzmin)

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Where to see:YouTube

“Russian Georgians.” The first movie. By 1939 “Leonid Parfyonov

Leonid Parfyonov’s new film “Russian Georgians” is the second part of a large project on three nations (Jews, Georgians and Germans), whose participation in the development of Russia left a bright imprint in the history of the country and whose natives took a direct part in the management of the Russian Empire and the USSR, without being perceived like strangers. The film begins with an epigraph from the letter of Joseph Stalin’s son to his sister: “Do you know, our father used to be Georgian?”, And in the very first shots the author himself in his unmistakably recognizable style on the go talks about the monumentZurab Tsereteli“Friendship forever” on the site of the former Georgian settlement, skips to the story of the Georgian Tsarina Tamara of the 12th century, the religious wars of the late 18th century and the protectorate of Catherine II.

Among the other heroes of the endless Parthenian annals, made in the classical manner of alternating collages, combined shootings and staged sketches – “the most famous Georgian of the tsarist era” Peter Bagration, the last king of Georgia George XII, who struck the temple of Emperor Paul I, Major General Vladimir Yashville and immortalized in the poems of Pushkin, Pavel Tsitsianov. Spectators also expect disputes with the revived Tolstoy and Napoleon, breaking glasses with champagne on the metropolitan tile on the thresholdMoscow City Duma, walks in the Winter Palace and donkey rides on mountain roads in the company of Parfyonov himself, “Tell me Uncle” performed by the Georgian choir, receivingJoseph Dzhugashvilichurch education, the rise of the star Niko Pirosmani (bonus – the story of Pugacheva’s song “A Million Scarlet Roses”) and much, much more. In the film of the main Russian presenter of the last 25 years, there was a place for the bloodiest and most colorful episodes of Russian-Georgian history.(Shibanov)

Where to see:YouTube

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