What to see in theaters this weekend

Five productions entered the portfolio of cinemas in Colombia this week: one horror, three comedies and an animated production.

One of the most striking titles is Candyman, which in Latin America was translated as Say it, which recreates an urban legend in Chicago about a supernatural murderer with a hook for a hand, who can be invoked by repeating his name 5 times in front of the mirror.

It stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Colman Domingo. It is for people over 15 years old.

For those who prefer comedy, three productions of this genre were released in theaters.

One of them is Duro de cuidar 2 (Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard) con Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas.

It is the story of a bodyguard who, after a traumatic event, travels to take a vacation to Italy, where she meets a woman who is linked to her worst enemy. Holidays become work.

The other option “The best Families ”, a co-production between Colombia and Mexico, starring Roberto Cano.

In the plot, a secret that has been kept for more than 30 years is revealed, which will affect the lives of Alicia and Carmen, close friends since they were little girls, total heads of their upper-class homes, and neighbors in an elegant neighborhood.

The third proposal is “10 days without a mother”, in which a woman, tired and stressed, decides one day by surprise to go on a trip to Cuba for 10 days with her sister

Carlo, her husband, will be forced to assume the role of full-time father, a situation that will unleash family chaos but will give him the opportunity to get to know his children better.

The production Booni Beras: Wild Life was premiered for children., an embodiment from China, in which people wear a gene-altering bracelet that can transform into a variety of animals,

Titles such as Free Guy (Taking Control), Relentless Justice, Suicide Squad, Ainbo, The Amazon Warrior or Baba Yaga, the return of the demon also continue on the billboard.



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