What to eat for good digestion and no bloating?

Here’s a good question. There are actually many eating habits. We take into consideration the classic Italian way. We put it under the magnifying glass and suggest a small modification to know what to eat to have a good digestion and without bloating.

What it was like to eat Italian

Eating habits change. When you watch the black and white films of postwar Italy and the economic boom on TV, you can admire the lavish lunches of that time. A nice first course full of spaghetti with tomato sauce, a second course of meat with salad, parmigiana, cheese, unlimited wine and coffee. Sweet, finally if it was Sunday.

This way of eating in many families survives without any variation. Still, nutrition studies have made progress and introduced new concepts on the healthy way to eat.

Digestion under the magnifying glass

The first course includes pasta in general. How is it digested when it enters the stomach? The enzymes that are used to digest starches, of which pasta is rich, are activated immediately. While the stomach performs this operation, in the meantime, we begin to eat the second, like the classic steak.

Meat is a food with completely different characteristics from pasta. Then, the stomach stops the process of digesting the pasta and prepares the pasta enzymes necessary for meat proteins. In this way the digestive process of the meat is activated, while the pasta remains blocked in the stomach in standby. The pH changes with respect to the pasta and the environment becomes acidic.

Then comes the cake which, being made up of sugars, passes quickly into the intestine but finds the mass of dough that blocks it on the way. Fermentation phenomena are created, the belly swells and the final coffee only makes the situation worse.

What to eat for good digestion and no bloating? A different way to start

Instead, let’s start with the salad. Salad is the right choice to more easily digest what comes next. In fact, being rich in various elements and minerals, it strengthens the digestive action of the stomach. Furthermore, it can be digested easily because it does not require special enzymes. In this way, what we eat later will find the right way to be welcomed. The salad will also limit excessive food intake, as it performs a filling function. As the ancients said: Times change and we change with them too.

Any indication of diet must be strictly subject to medical advice.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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