What to do in a phase 0 Madrid: El Chojin’s poetic rap and the reinvention of ‘El Duende’ | Madrid

The Community of Madrid continues without going to phase 1, to guarantee a safer de-escalation. Meanwhile, with the opening of theaters, swimming pools and cinemas postponed until the second half of June, the digital proposals continue. The Chojin connects with his followers in a poetic meeting and the cultural magazine The goblin, which has been dedicated to discovering Madrid’s creativity for more than two decades, reinvents itself by dedicating a last look at activities in confinement.

POETRY. Rap for pleasure by El Chojin

“Rap is like a friend, you always have something to tell him. It is my therapy to write and scream in silence,” said El Chojin a few years ago in an interview with this newspaper. Novelist, poet, and even expert in martial arts, born like Domingo Antonio Edjang Moreno in Torrejón de Ardoz in 1977, he is a versatile artist who combines his music with social commitment.This Monday, May 18 at seven in the afternoon, he participates in the # LdeLírica series, which for years has organized the website Cultural area and that keeps its sessions at a distance until it can return live to the Madrid venues.Its meeting with the audience, entitled Rap for pleasure, offers a poetic session with Madrid’s Gonzalo Escarpa. With more than ten studio albums, El Chojin defends solidarity, justice and rhythm in his lyrics. Escarpa meets him to discuss urban culture, rap’s relationship with poetry and contemporary troubadours. Access to this meeting is free by reserving a place in Zoom from the web ambitocultural.es or peering at your live connection from your Facebook profile.

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THEATER. A memory of Fernán Gómez to the centennial Galdós

# FernánGómezSigueOnline is the virtual cry with which the Fernán Gómez Theater La Villa Cultural Center has been active for the past few weeks. Through his YouTube channel he continues to offer some of his most remembered montages, such as Tristana, with which the centennial Benito Pérez Galdós celebrates, in a production of Sequence 3. It premiered in 2017 at the Sala Guirau, under the direction of Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer and the adaptation of Eduardo Galán, updating a story that was already in its day it was ahead of its time. In this case, the author, through his protagonist, claimed equality for women in a world of men: “I know that it is difficult to be free… and honest. And what does a woman live without owning income? If we became doctors, lawyers, even apothecaries or scribes, since you are not ministers and senators, come on, we could … I want to live, see the world and find out what and why they have brought us to this land where we are. ” The main character is played by Olivia Molina, who is accompanied by María Pujalte, Pere Ponce and Alejandro Arestegui.


EDITORIAL. The new normal of the magazine The goblin

Magazine The goblin turns 22 drawing the creative face of Madrid. Given the impossibility of distributing the magazine in the more than 750 usual points in the city, anyone who wants to can find the digital version in PDF format through their website and social networks. This issue of the publication founded by Esther Ordax and Rubén Arribas enters an ideal house in which culture, in its different areas, occupies all its rooms and corners, as reflected in the cover created by the Barcelona-based artist based in Madrid Helena Bonastre. In this installment, different creators have prepared different and exclusive proposals with creativity as the main protagonist so that readers enjoy their time at home in the most inspiring way possible. In addition, it has launched a new television platform on-line to offer cultural live shows from a virtual set. Through its website, it also allows readers to send digital postcards with Bonastre’s illustrations. Despite the help of new technologies, its delivery works in a similar way to that of traditional mail: its arrival will not be immediate, but it recovers the past feeling of longing and waiting.

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Games. The reun gathered neighborhoods ’of Madrid

The recent non-celebration of San Isidro has caused Madrid’s residents to miss street activities even more. The Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid (FRAVM) has created an interactive game called Gathered neighborhoods that takes us to the popular areas of the city. It also invites participants to share their experiences during confinement, with the idea of ​​generating resources for collective use, such as a kitchen recipe book or a playlist musical that can serve others. The more people participate in this game, the larger the chain of solidarity and mutual support, defend its creators. It is available until May 28 and can be accessed through the federation website (www.aavvmadrid.org) and their social networks. With it, the lesser-known areas of Madrid are remembered, such as the neighborhoods of Cristóbal de Los Ángeles, El Pozo, Triángulo del Agua, Almendrales, Comillas, La Ventilla and Quintana.

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