what to do if the appointment has not arrived

Valencia coronavirus vaccine appointment: what to do if you have not received the SMS.

The Ministry of Health has warned about what should people do who have not received the SMS informing about the appointment to put on the coronavirus vaccine in Valencia, Alicante and Castelló. This week an important phase has begun in the mass vaccination of the Valencian Community, in which the 79-year-old and 65-year-old people will receive immunity (at least the first dose). This age difference that does not follow the logical descending line is motivated by the different recommendations for vaccines according to age.

Covid vaccination in the Valencian Community

At this time, according to data from this Wednesday from Health, the Valencian Community has administered a total of 933,355 doses of the coronavirus vaccine. For it, Sanitat sends an SMS message indicating the date, time and place where you will be vaccinated against coronavirus. In addition, the message also informs about which vaccine you will receive (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna …).

I have not yet received the SMS with my appointment for the vaccine

Despite the acceleration in the vaccination schedule in the Valencian Community, which will increase in the coming weeks, you may not have received the SMS yet. Three different things can happen that have caused you to miss your appointment via phone message.

  1. That you are not of age And it’s not your turn yet If Sanitat is vaccinating 79-year-olds and you are 45, you will have to wait for the vaccination schedule to reach your age group. You can check here when you will be vaccinated according to your age.
  2. That you do not have an appointment. It is possible that you are the age of the vaccination period but, for organizational reasons, you are not yet going to receive the vaccine. In this case, you will receive the message in the next few days, as immunity advances to your age group.
  3. That you do not have updated contact information in your SIP. Without updated data, Healthcare will have problems contacting you and informing you about your appointment. To find out how to update the contact information in the SIP, click here.
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What to do if you have not received the SMS with your appointment for the vaccine

From Sanitat they have insisted on a question that they consider “important” What should those people who have not received the SMS with the appointment do for the vaccine against coronavirus in the Valencian Community and wondering what to do.

Once checked that you have the updated contact information, you must wait for Sanitat to contact you. Under no circumstances should you go to the vaccination points to receive your dose because you will not be vaccinated and, in addition, you will hinder the vaccination process.

What to do if you have not received the SMS with the vaccination appointment: advice from Health.


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