What time will the meteor shower begin? Will the Perseid Meteor shower be watched from Turkey?


Meteor showers or meteor showers, popularly known as ‘shooting stars’, occur 8 times a year. The most striking of the rains, which are formed by the burning of the meteorites as a result of friction, by entering the earth’s atmosphere at extremely high speeds, will be experienced on the night of August 11-12. The Perseid (Perse) meteor shower, which will start on July 14 and continue until September 1, will be more easily observed in high altitude areas where light pollution is less due to the summer season.

Meteor shower events occur 8 times in the world every year. These are called Quadrantid (Quarter), Lyrid (Instrument), Eta Aquarid (Eta Aquarius), Delta Aquarid (Delta Aquarius), Perseid (Hero-Perce), Orionid (Hunter), Leonid (Lion) and Geminid (Gemini).

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