What time is it? ‘; Actress Neelima answers an obscene question

Actress Neelima Rani responds to a young man who said obscene things on social media. A young man reacted badly to the actress while answering a question from a fan. ‘How much do you need for one night?’ Most celebrities block or exclude them from answering obscene questions like this.


Neelima gave a mature but cheeky reply. ‘I expect a little modesty, brother. God bless you. Violators have an obscene mind. Please see a psychologist. You need the help of experts. ‘ This was Neelima’s reply.

Many people came out in support of Neelima. There are those who share the opinion that the answer should have been given to people like them.

Actress Neely is active in the film and serial industry. Mozhi, Nan Mahan Alle and Santosh Subramaniam are the important films. Neelima’s new movie Chakra starring Vishal is about to release.


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