“What they promise us never comes,” says Uceda before Congress on Brexit

An image of the Congress-Senate Mixed Commission, in February.


The representative of the Regional Social Platform, Juan José Uceda, has reproached the politicians in the Mixed Congress-Senate Commission on Brexit that “we never get the resources that are promised” for the Campo de Gibraltar.

During his appearance for give local insight into the consequences of leaving the UK will bring to the area, Uceda has insisted that both his collective and other associations and institutions “We have delivered plans to all the politicians and parliamentarians who have come. We have never seen results ”.

Radically against opinions such as those of Vox, which demand the border closure, Uceda recalled and stressed that “The closure of the border was fatal in 1969, it caused us tremendous damage to the area and to the Line ”.

Bet on tourism

Against those who advocate developmentalism, the representative of the Regional Social Platform also stressed that the Campo de Gibraltar continues to be one of the most depressed socio-economic areas from Spain. That, he said, “despite the construction of the refinery and the oil industries on a beautiful beach, now expired.” That’s why he asked bet on tourism and not heavy industry.

And he added that, despite the commitment to industrialization that has not taken the region out of the unemployment queue, “logistics” and, specifically, the modernization of the train, “they are still waiting”.

On the other hand, rejected outright the electrical substation project from Los Portichuelos, “there are other projects that could be used” and for the “ecological damage” that this project represents on a virgin beach.

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With regard to Gibraltar, he recalled the economic and social gap between El Peñón and La Línea. And he showed his disagreement that, if the Rock enters the Schengen area, “Let’s be ignored again, at the expense of what is done for us Gibraltar has to do ”.

In this sense, he expressed the need for the Government of Spain and the European Union (EU) to create a technical commission “to study and modify our area, so that in the future we do not depend on Gibraltar, looking for bases in new technologies ”. “If they provide us with the means, we will know how to get ahead,” he concluded.

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