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A “surprise” on the Ryanair plane. An undocumented immigrant boarded in Brussels he was discovered in the bathroom of the aircraft, intent on reaching Italy. This is the reason why the plane was evacuated and the flight left very late. An hour and twenty, to be precise. The man, who landed in Milan, was arrested and handed over to the Hal-Vilvorde prosecutor’s office.

According to the testimony of a passenger, the man first tried to occupy of seats already assigned to other people. So she decided to lock herself up in the bathroom. “The man caused trouble on the plane. He pushed the passengers and locked himself in the toilet. We were finally able to get him out without any problems. Since the man had also left his luggage on the plane,” everyone had to leave the plane to be able to carry out a check, “explained a spokesman for the police.

Mystery on which we need to clarify is how the man managed to get on board and pass all necessary checks despite being devoid of documents. Not only that, because with the anti-Covid rules, passengers must present the Green Pass, therefore or the negative swab, or the documentation certifying the coronavirus recovery or vaccination. Again, the way in which the immigrant escaped the various checks remains unknown.



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