what the “gray mouse” did with Stirlitz

In love, the actor is clearly out of luck.

The personal life of Vyacheslav Tikhonov could form the basis of a dramatic film. The actor fell in love with Nonna Mordyukova, but their marriage was doomed from the very beginning. The couple broke up due to the artist’s infidelity. Soon Tamara appeared on the horizon, who became Stirlitz’s second wife.

In appearance, she was the complete opposite of the capricious Cossack Nonna. The translator and French teacher gave those around her the impression of a “gray mouse”. In fact, she wasn’t.

Cohabitation with Tamara quickly turned Tikhonov from the country’s main sex symbol into a tormented one. The actor literally obeyed his wife in everything and even began to look different. Colleagues whispered behind his back that he was starting to look like a stooped old man.

Such humiliation is hard to imagine, but the actor was so afraid of his wife that he did not even invite his son Vladimir from his first marriage, whom he met in the garage, into the house. Subsequently, such an affair with offspring turned into a terrible tragedy.

As a teenager, the star heir became addicted to illegal drugs, for which Tikhonov, who always paid too little attention to the boy, blamed himself. All this further alienated the screen star from Tamara, next to which he did not become happy.

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