what repercussions for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs?

“Obviously an impact on transfers”

Many observers see it as pure maneuver in order to weigh even more on the negotiations in progress and to amplify a balance of power which already weighs heavily in favor of the future savior. The waved red rag is scary anyway. Because while waiting for the procedure to be put in place, there is a season to end. With a huge risk of chain reactions for the professional clubs who said they were already in bad shape before the warning shot of Canal faced with the health crisis and its many financial repercussions.

“There will inevitably be an impact on transfers”

“The three pillars ensuring our resources are already weakened” explains for example France Graille, the deputy president of AJ Auxerre. “We have already lost our ticketing / sponsorship resources, and now the TV rights are in question. We can add that there will inevitably be an impact on transfers with clubs that will no longer be able to buy, and others no longer sell as they hoped ”.

However, in Ligue 1 as in Ligue 2, everyone needs this vital market which balances budgets at a minimum. The transitional “pay per view” solution, always advanced by the mischievous Canal + , will hardly be able to function without grinding of teeth on the part of the less visible formations.

Clubs already in great financial danger

The most fragile institutions find themselves strangled by investment projects that cannot be immediately supported without new bridging loans. Contracts have been signed with the prospect of the billion Media Pro.

The UNFP, the players’ union, even recommended that all of its members accept the omen of wage cuts. Jean-Marc Mickeler, the boss of the DNCG, believes as such that it would take at least wage cuts of 30% to connect to the next reality of the market.

The business plans most dependent on TV rights are already in mortal danger. This is the case in Angers, Nantes, Reims. Nîmes, for example, warned that he would be in default in March. In Ligue 2 and at the lower echelons, Chambly and Dunkirk have already warned of their precarious situations. Who’s next?

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