What plants are toxic to children

The better they look, the more dangerous they are, especially if they encourage young children to taste their leaves or flowers. Whether you are a parent or you are visiting relatives with children, be careful not to leave these poisonous plants at hand!

The leaves of dieffenbachia, leander, plague

Present in many homes, dieffenbachia irritates the eyes if their sap comes in contact with the skin. Both the leander and the devil’s plague or trumpet are toxic to children. Ingested in small amounts can lead to serious illness, and if several leaves are swallowed, they may be lateral. If in the case of an adult, a lean leaf gives itching or diarrhea, it can cause hypotension and even death in a child.

The flowers of the angel’s trumpet

It is a spectacular plant, but its flowers, which hang like funnels, are toxic to children. Dangerous substances, toxic alkaloids, cause severe poisoning. The most common symptoms are convulsions, agitation and drowsiness.

Geranium leaves

Touching the geranium leaves can lead to some children with skin sensitive to allergic manifestations: skin irritations, hives. If he eats geranium leaves when not supervised, he may have digestive disorders.

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