“What Makes Nonna Grishaeva’s Childhood Photo So Remarkable?”

Almost a photographic resemblance.

The father of actress Nonna Grishaeva died 27 years ago, but the star of the films “Radio Day” and “Election Day” admits that it is impossible to come to terms with the loss to this day. The artist shared her pain with subscribers.

The actress posted a video collage with childhood photos on the social network. The one where the young Nonna sits on her parent’s shoulders seemed especially attractive to the fans.

In this frame, they saw a striking resemblance and supported the artist. “Very similar to her father”, “Daddy’s smile and a sly, laughing squint,” they noted in the comments. “He would be proud of you. A wonderful daughter and a unique actress .. Bravo, ”they wrote on the Web.

Many did not miss the opportunity to express their gratitude to both father Valentin Gavrilovich and mother, English teacher Margarita Evgenievna. “Thanks to your dad and mom! They gave us such a doll, clever and beautiful!” fans summed it up.

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