what it is, how it works and how to take advantage of it to buy credit without a card in Mexico at Hot Sale 2022

Kueski Pay came to Mexico to be the answer of those who want to buy on credit but do not have a credit card. This platform, which belongs to Kueskiis a digital payment method that allows you to make online purchases in installments with some businesses.

In addition, Kueski Pay will be the official sponsor of the 2022 Hot Sale, so in Xataka Selection We have prepared a guide with everything you need to know about how it works and take advantage of the next season of discounts.

Also, it is important to mention that Kueski or Kueski Cash is a financial institution that offers a personal credit service, while Kueski Pay is the one It will let us buy on credit in various online stores.

How reliable is Kueski Pay?

First of all, it is important to mention that Kueski Pay is not a bank, but a platform that offers financial solutions. And among its services is the provide your customers with a method of payment in installments with biweekly payments.

In addition, the platform is registered as a company before the Condusef and the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), therefore, if you have any doubt or clarification, you can go to these institutions for advice.

How to buy with Kueski Pay?

If someone wants to buy, for example, some hearing aids and wants to use this service, the first thing they should do is go to the affiliated merchants section on the Kueski Pay to see which stores accept this payment method.

Subsequently, and assuming that you want to make your purchase in Xiaomi Shop, you only have to choose the headphones, add them to the cart, continue the purchase as you normally would and choose Kueski Pay as payment method just before checkout.

Kueski Example
Kueski Example

Once the payment is made, you will be redirected to a Kueski page where you will have to log in or register. Then they will fill out a form with their data and ask for a confirmation to Review your financial situation and credit history.

Once the credit is approved, you must choose the terms that go up to eight fortnights with 0% interest, but this It will depend on the affiliate business. And that’s it, you just have to wait for your purchase like in any store.

What technology stores accept payments with Kueski Pay?

Shops Kueski Pay Hot Sale 2022
Shops Kueski Pay Hot Sale 2022

Currently the platform offers agreements with many affiliated stores such as:

  • Mobo
  • Telmov
  • Xiaomi Store
  • Xiaomi Shop
  • Gowin
  • Mexico
  • Master Detector
  • Seenheiser
  • Servicel
  • Technician
  • Anchor shop
  • 3D Factory MX
  • 3D Shop Mexico
  • to fortnights
  • AJ Vapes MX
  • ALPHA & OMEGA Electrical Supplier
  • Acorax Tech
  • GDL alarms and cameras
  • Everything for smartphones
  • B&C Cellmarket
  • Bartec
  • BK Audio
  • BPI
  • Neutonic Band
  • Best Compra Mx
  • Biden
  • BossTech
  • citric
  • ceBasic
  • CeluBTech
  • We change my home MSI
  • Celucenter
  • Celicredit
  • Celufácil
  • Paid cell phone
  • ChalkUpStore
  • ChilangoEshop
  • Clevercel
  • Buy Change Cel
  • Compraahora.mx
  • Comprastic
  • Cremel
  • DG Group
  • DigiTools Mexico
  • Dinamica Digital Mx
  • Ecobiolab
  • Eden Hall Vape Shop
  • FastFix
  • fixed on
  • Focus Technology
  • Full Stock PC
  • Gank Gaming Store
  • Gesem
  • Golden Gadget
  • Greec
  • Sintra Group
  • Gurami Gaming
  • HNL Industrial Tools
  • Hundrek
  • I Robot
  • IBC
  • IBC Mexico
  • IT Shop
  • itic
  • JP Electronics
  • LatinoCel
  • Mervins
  • Manu Official
  • Mary Cell Mx
  • MasterChef at Huken
  • Masterfan
  • MiPhone
  • Mitzu
  • Mobile
  • moimocellulares
  • Motorola
  • Movired
  • Naaplex
  • Nebu Games
  • New Phone
  • Novusred
  • Onclick
  • PCEL
  • Paguifon
  • Papaya
  • Plaza Digital
  • PuntoCell
  • Pure Battery
  • i want my pc
  • RED TK
  • Radio WISP
  • RePhone
  • realme
  • Gift
  • Revostore
  • SPS del Sureste
  • MX Super Store
  • Samara Online
  • Select Sound
  • Shadow Link
  • Shopping three
  • SitePro
  • Smart LGEEK
  • Smartshop Celular Store
  • Mobile support
  • Spinmobile
  • STF
  • TC Digital
  • Tadbuy
  • Technohmo
  • boutique technology
  • Technosynergy
  • TecphoneTelshop
  • Tennis Advances
  • The Genius Matrix
  • TigreSport
  • ToditoVentas
  • Toutshop
  • All Reducto
  • Ventronic
  • Vivatra
  • Wiby
  • I Repair GTO
  • Yuye Technology
  • Digital Zone 83
  • Zhinatown
  • Zindey Point of Sale
  • trade29
  • entergeek

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What is the maximum credit I can access?

Kueski Pay does not explain this clearly, however in several of its affiliated stores the maximum amount to buy fortnightly is 15,000 pesos, but you can vary this amount according to current promotions. On the other hand, in Kueski Cash the maximum loan amount is 20,430 pesos at the time this article is published.

Individually, when you apply for credit they review your history and financial situationso the amount awarded will depend entirely on this.

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How to pay your Kueski Pay credit?

Once the credit is approved, the same platform will give us a unique 17 digit referenceor one 17-character alphanumeric reference that combines letters and numbers, which we can also consult in our Kueski Pay profile whenever we want.

and pay will be as simple as make a transfer in store or through our bank. If we make the payment through an Oxxo, or any Paynet affiliated store, the store’s cashier will only be told that “we will pay Kueski” and we will give him one of the references already mentioned or a barcode that we will also find in our profile.

Kueski Payment Methods
Kueski Payment Methods

Or, for those who prefer to pay through BBVA, they will only go to the application, choose “pay service”, write agreement 1356976 They will add the requested data.

While if they pay through other banks, they will register the account BBVA CLABE 012914002013569762. At the time of paying in Conceptand depending on the bank, we will add the unique reference number or alphanumeric reference, in Reference we will write 1356976 and depending on the financial institution, it will ask us for other information.

What happens if I fall behind on my payments?

Kueski Pay Hot Sale 2022
Kueski Pay Hot Sale 2022

At the time of writing this post, the interest rate that Kueski Pay gives us on its page is 1.21% for each day of the loan. Namely, charge a fee for late paymentwith which a charge of 50 pesos plus VAT is generated in your account statement for each day of delay.

What happens if you don’t pay your credit in Kueski Pay?

As in any other type of credit, when one falls behind, the financial institution notifies credit bureau non-payment, which in the long run generates a bad credit history and therefore, it makes it more difficult for them to give you credit in the future.

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For what reason would my Kueski Pay credit request be rejected?

Among the most common reasons provided by this institution are that the applicant’s data is not correct, the credit rating is low because they already have other debts or simply the user’s profile is not adequate.

Hot Sale 2022 Amvo
Hot Sale 2022 Amvo

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