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To boost consumption in view of the Christmas, the government would be working on a extra-cashback. What is it about? According to preliminary information, it would be a 10% refund – up to a maximum threshold of 150 euros – for those who use cards and apps to pay their expenses in December.

The measure would be additional compared to the measures already foreseen.

How much do we need to spend?

To get a refund of 150 euros you will need to spend at least 1,500 euros and paying not in cash but with electronic money. To access the reimbursement, at least ten card transactions should be required, with the same spending limits that will apply when fully operational (ceiling for single expenses of 150 euros, prohibition on splitting payments to increase transactions).

When will the refund arrive?

According to initial information, this is a novelty compared to what was expected: the refund could arrive immediately, by the end of the year. The refund will arrive directly by bank transfer on the current account.

How can you participate?

You must be of age, resident in Italy, and declare that the registered cards are used only for purchases outside the exercise of a business, art or profession. You must register on the public administration’s Io app or on any other systems made available by operators affiliated with PagoPa, and provide your tax code, the details of one or more cards and the Iban, because the refunds will arrive directly on the current account.

Since when does the cashback start working?

The day on which the measure will enter into force has not yet been defined, but it will be ready at the beginning of next December.

What is the maximum of refunds with all cashbacks?

As anticipated above, the 150 euros would be additional to what is already foreseen by the cashback plan starting in the coming days. In total, therefore, those who use digital payment methods will be able to obtain up to a maximum of 3450 euros in the next year by adding up the various reimbursements (extra cashback, 300 euros of cashback and 3000 euros of super cashback).

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