What is “transracial” and why was it trending on Twitter?

He hashtagtransracial “ became a trend in Twitter during the night of January 13. Hundreds of controversial memes and comments joined the conversation for a controversial term.

In Twitter an effervescent conversation was generated around the label #transracial, causing jokes, questions and criticism.

What is it transracial?

First, the term has been used in family adoption studies where a family of one race adopts a member of another. For example, a white family adopts an African American or Asian child.

These studies delve into the psychological, social, and economic implications of interracial adoption in countries like the United States.

Does it have to do with identity?

A controversy involved Rachel Dolezal in 2015, a white woman who assumes herself as a woman transracial and it identifies with the Afro-American racial identity, based on the fact that racial identity is also socially constructed as gender identity.

The case is not without controversy and some object that it is something similar to an identity transgender. Certainly, the subject has been little researched and it is not known for sure if the term would be valid.

Trending on Twitter

By becoming a trend in Twitter, the curiosity of many was stimulated to learn a little more about the term. Although perhaps many jokes were published, the term adds to the controversial topics that abound on the social network.

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