What is the world’s largest fandom within K-Pop?

For a few years, K-Pop has taken a very different meaning and its popularity has grown a lot and the taste for bands of these genres increased in an unimaginable way, this has made the fandoms of different groups of the South Korean genre have grown from monumental way.

The K-Pop differs greatly from western music by many characteristics, many times those who are new to the fandoms or in the gender do not understand many of the dynamics that are made within the fanbases or how are the promotions and other issues of the comebacks of the bands.

In addition, the preparation of idols It goes beyond what is seen in the West, someone who seeks to debut, has to know how to sing, dance and even act; something we don’t see in almost any western band or artist. In addition to the length of contracts and many other issues such as Military Service that interfere with the careers of the idols It is something that absolutely do not know those who do not enter this musical genre.

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In the end, be part of some fandom of bands of K-Pop It is not an easy task and less because there is also a lot of competition and although the best thing would be to support your band favorite without fighting with others fanbases, surely this advice no one will follow.

What is the largest K-Pop fanbase in the world?

There are bands with more fans than others, that is undeniable, but that does not mean that the clusters with less fans are less talented or failing, the K-Pop He is a rising star who will leave many musical legends in the future.

BTS has 44.1 million followers on instagram and more than 40 million monthly listens on Spotify, statistics that show us the size of your fandom and the popularity of this group of K-Pop.

Porbably Bangtan Sonyeondan be the most popular band in K-Pop in the world, with ARMY that has members in every corner of the planet.

BLACKPINK has a great fanbase all over the world, with 38.6 million followers on his official instagram account and around 14.5 million monthly listens on Spotify, BLINK stands as one of the fandoms bigger.

BLACKPINK is an amazing all-girl band from K-Pop with many fans who adore and admire the idols that make up this grouping.

TWICE, a feminine grouping of K-Pop which has also taken great importance and popularity has 18.7 million of followers in Instagram and 7.3 million listens per month on the platform Spotify.

ONCE shows all your support and love for the idols of TWICE and the fanbase continues to grow thanks to the excellent music of this band.

Even though they debuted in 2017, STRAY KIDS have managed to outperform many other bands of K-Pop of previous generations: 0 because they have enchanted 14 million from STAY on Instagram and have more than 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

STAY is a fandom that has been growing a lot since SKZ captivates your fans with all his talent and dedication.

The fandom from NCT is quite large, with 10.4 million followers on instagram and approximately 3 million monthly listens on Spotify, show that they have great support from their fans.

NCT has all the talent and ability to attract many fans that they become NCTizens also.

EXO has been a very popular band for a long time, with 9.2 million followers on instagram and more than 4 million monthly listens on Spotify, they show that their fandom It is one of the largest within the K-Pop.

EXO-L has been a very faithful fandom EXO and has always shown its support despite all adversity.

TXT have not been in the industry for long K-Pop, but the incredible talent of idols has made many people adore them to the end with 8.6 million followers on Instagram and almost 5 million listens per month on Spotify.

MOA has shown all the love and admiration to TXT and surely a long story awaits them together.

With 7.9 million followers on Instagram and almost 3 million listens per month on Spotify, SEVENTEEN demonstrates your popularity and the size of your fandom that is all over the world.

CARAT is a broad fandom that supports and admires the best idols.

The importance of song and the variety of bands K-Pop is that there is a large catalog of clusters to enjoy, all with a lot of talent and love for their work, no matter what bands with more fans because each group adores their fandom.

Something that is also important for fandoms from K-Pop are the official lightsticks of their bands favorites do you know them? they are a very cool tool for concerts.



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