What is the weather forecast for this Saturday night in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

September 2022.time to go with stephanie andthe prognosis.stephanie: definitely iffeel the temperaturesautumnal.today just 60 °.58 ° in the central park.queens and newark with 61 °.tonight you have to wear acoat and take the umbrella.there are still scattered rainsapproaching the city.at 7:30 we will have rains inmanhattan, parte de new jerseyand brooklyn. then he will retiretowards long island.we will enjoy dry conditionstomorrow, but trust.44th for Sunday atmorning. you have to bundle up.in the afternoon with 60 °.cloudiness will increase. theMonday the rain returns.according to our model, alast round going throughcity ​​between now and 8:00of the night. then the systemretreats to the east.Monday night they come backthe rains.


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