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Audio-Technica’s portable analog record player “Sound Burger (AT-SB2022)” has a unique design that holds the record in place.Revived for the first time in about 40 years

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A new product launched in early November 2022 by Audio-Technica (Machida City, Tokyo), which celebrated its 60th anniversary, has become a hot topic. It’s the “Sound Burger” portable analog record player. Narrowing down the sales channel to the online store, it sold out as soon as it was released. The resale on December 1st was sold out in an instant. We explored the background why it became a hit and who is paying attention to it.

Space-saving compact analog record player

“Sound Burger (AT-SB2022)” is a product that revived the portable analog record player of the same name released by Audio-Technica in 1982. It was named as a nickname because the unique style of listening to a record sandwiched between the main unit resembles a hamburger.

In addition to Japan, this Sound Burger was released in limited quantities in regions around the world where analog record playback is highly popular, such as Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. The price is 23,800 yen (including tax), which is relatively reasonable. Moreover, even without an amplifier or speakers, you can easily enjoy the “sound of analog records” by connecting Bluetooth-compatible wireless headphones and earphones, and it sold out immediately on the release date.

“Revival of the Sound Burger” emerged as one of the anniversary projects to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Audio-Technica’s founding. “Among the many ideas, many people within the company said that the Sound Burger was the best communication tool for conveying the appeal of analog records to a generation that did not know analog records,” he said. Mr. Hiroaki Kokubu, the leader of the consumer product group in the product management section of the marketing department, who was in charge of the project, looks back.

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Mr. Kokubun of the Audio-Technica Marketing Department Product Management Section, who was in charge of product planning for the Sound Burger

Simple listening with your existing Bluetooth audio device

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Sound Burger on the release date in early November. Since it arrived at my house, I’ve been listening to it every day, pulling out the analog record collection that was lined up narrowly on the bookshelf.

I don’t know the original Soundburger, so I can’t compare the old and new models, but if I were to sum up the response of the revived Soundburger in one word, it would give the impression of being a solid, full-fledged record player.

The platter (rotating part of the turntable) on which the record is placed is made of aluminum alloy. Rotation by the belt drive system is very stable. Large LP records with multiple songs recorded on sides A and B often run at 33.1/3 rpm, while EP records with one song on each side run at 45 rpm. It will turn

You can switch between two rotation speeds according to the type of record.

The main unit does not have a built-in speaker, but you can easily listen to the sound of analog records by connecting to headphones, earphones, and wireless speakers that support Bluetooth. The Soundburger is compact and portable, so it takes up less space than a traditional analog record player. In addition, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy continuous playback for about 12 hours, so you can listen to it while moving around the room, or take it to a friend’s house or outdoors.

You can listen to “analog sound” very easily by connecting a Bluetooth audio device such as a compact speaker.

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