What is the relationship of vitamin “D” to the Corona virus? … A doctor answers

8:00 AM

Saturday 10 October 2020

Amid local and international warnings of a second wave of the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, it is imperative that we adhere to preventive measures from wearing a muzzle during gatherings, to wash hands and maintain social distancing, in addition to paying attention to vitamins that strengthen immunity.
Anesthetist, Sergey Malozimov, revealed that the autumn increase in cases of coronavirus infection may be linked, among other things, to vitamin D deficiency.
Vitamin D does not directly affect susceptibility to infection with the Coronavirus, but it strengthens the human immune system, which helps protect against COVID-19. In the autumn period, solar activity decreases, so we get much less vitamin D. After that, immunity weakens, according to Sputnik.
The doctor said: “The latest scientific work confirms that the lack of vitamin D in the blood leads to a major exacerbation of the disease when infected with the Corona virus. It is easier to deal with the infection, when a person has a normal level of vitamin D in the blood.”
You can maintain your vitamin D levels through proper nutrition, but you need to include seafood in the diet.
He added, “The main and most effective source of vitamin D is fish and seafood. It is important to understand that you do not have to buy expensive items, the main thing is that fish is oily and seafood. Herring is good here, if not very salty, and so is salmon.” And mackerel. Everything that contains fish oil contains a lot of vitamin D. Life practices show that most people in Russian conditions and with our eating habits still need to take this vitamin in addition. “


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