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With the spread of smart watches, it has become easier to closely record and manage your health conditions and exercise history.It has the largest share in the smartwatch marketIt summarizes the problems encountered by users who have worn Apple Watch to run multiple times a week for four years.

Apple Watch Running Review – Runner Newsletter

Mr.Runner, who used his iPhone to record the run, claimed to have recorded using the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Nike app for running since late 2018. However, at the beginning of the Nike app she was unable to download the recorded data, so it appears she has started using Apple’s training application.

Mr. Runner’s running route is almost the same every time, the total distance is about 9.7km. Nike’s app has always recorded a mileage of between 9.6 and 9.8km, but there seems to have been a large deviation in the measured value at times. Also, when using Apple’s training app on watchOS 7, there appears to be occasional anomalies in the measured values. The content was that the position information suddenly deformed during measurement and the stroke speed, direction and distance of stroke suddenly became completely different values.

And since watchOS 8, it appears that the measurement itself was unstable and outliers were recorded.

The graph below shows the transition between altitude (top left) and travel speed (bottom). The left side of the red line is abnormal and the right side is normal. As for the speed, the anomaly is quite noticeable, and when measured normally, the speed is generally kept around 15 km / h, but when there is an anomaly, it is recorded that the running speed changes drastically between 4 km / h and 30 km / h. Furthermore, it can be noted that the accuracy of the altitude data is considerably lower under abnormal conditions than under normal conditions. According to Runner, the pause to cross the pedestrian crossing resolved the measurement anomaly, as shown in the graph at the top right.

Furthermore, it appears that GPS acquisition of location information happens exactly every second, which is 60 times per minute, but at abnormal times it has dropped to about 50 times per minute.

Below is a summary of multiple running speed transition graphs while running the same course with watchOS 8 and 9. The part where the blur is clearly large indicates that the measurement is abnormal. According to Mr. Runner, the measurement started in an abnormal state with a probability of about 80% and on average it was not possible to measure correctly for about 18 minutes.

Below is a summary of the mileage for each ride. I am running a route of about 9.7km, but there is a big variation between 9.2km and 9.6km. The red dots are the cases where you stopped at the start of the run and returned to normal, the blue dots are the cases where you didn’t stop.

Below are the running speed charts and maps displayed in Apple’s fitness app. In the normal state (right) the running speed is constant and there is no anomaly in the path shown on the map.

Runner introduces the following solutions as a result of almost always running the same path for many years.

・ Turn off Wi-Fi communication on Apple Watch and Bluetooth communication on iPhone and disconnect Apple Watch and iPhone once before you start running.
– Restart or reset your Apple Watch before running.
・ After opening the training app, wait 30 seconds before running.
As already reported on the forumDo not uninstall and reinstall the app repeatedly, as it will fail to sync “Music”.

Mr. Runner also contacted Apple support and asked for a solution, but in the end the engineer said that “a number of errors are within the allowable range”. It seems that he was hoping that watchOS 9 and iOS 16 would fix this problem, but it was not fixed at the time of writing and from the update the XML file that returns the data has been broken.

Runner acknowledged that the Apple Watch works as a stopwatch and music player, but pointed out that the fitness app’s stats and graphs are too inaccurate. “WatchOS 7 performed better and the iPhone 4S tracked more accurately, so I think the problem is in the software.” Being able to only work with an Apple Watch and wireless earbuds is like magic, especially when monitoring works. There is no need to upload your own by running data to the cloud. “I’m very grateful that I can analyze it all by myself. I hope Apple solves the whole series of problems.”

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