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On December 25, on the air of the First Channel, the semifinal stage of the vocal show “The Voice” took place. The fate of the participants was again decided by both the mentors and the viewers, for whom SMS voting was organized. The release was remembered mainly for the Russian-language repertoire, and Dmitry Vengerov, Oleg Akkuratov, Yana Gabbasova and Vasily Pasechnik made it to the final of the project.

On Friday, December 25, the semi-final of the show “The Voice” was held live on Channel One. The format assumes the participation of the audience in determining the future fate of the project participants. By this stage, there are only two vocalists left in each team. Mentors distributed 60% and 40% of their assessment between the wards, and then the percentage of votes of the project audience was added to the result.

From the team of Polina Gagarina in the semifinals, Kirill Suslov and Yana Gabbasova met. The mentor admitted that she rated Suslov’s performance in the quarterfinals with a four with a plus (in the previous issue, the final result of the participant after the vote of the mentor and the audience was 51.4%). This time the singer got the Soviet hit “Swan Faithfulness”.

Gabbasova last time showed the best result in the team, gaining 104.7% of the votes. In the semifinals, the participant sang Irina Dubtsova’s song “About him”.

Commenting on the speeches, Valery Syutkin noted that in the team of Polina Gagarina, as well as in his team, there are classical baritones, which are not easy to work with, and stressed that his colleague has a difficult choice.

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“It doesn’t suit me – to be extremely honest, I will lie. I liked everything very much, “Shnurov admitted. In turn, Basta seized a moment to say hello to the family. He also congratulated Yana Gabbasova on her successful performance, but the singer liked Suslov’s number less.

Out of competition, both participants shared the stage with Grigory Leps. The three artists performed the hit “Blizzard”.

Polina Gagarina gave 40% to Kirill Suslov, and 60% went to Yana Gabbasova. After counting the votes of TV viewers, Gabbasova made it to the final with a total of 123.9%. Suslov gained 76.1%.

The vocal competition was continued by members of the team of Sergei Shnurov (“guardians of disorder,” as the host Dmitry Nagiyev called them) Maria Rusakova and Dmitry Vengerov.

Rusakova was the first to speak. “In the semifinals, she must rip out her heart and throw it on the stage,” the mentor formulated the super task before the participants entered the stage. The contestant sang the song “Call me, call” from the film “Carnival”.

Dmitry Vengerov presented an original interpretation of the hit of the Zveri group, Districts-Quarters. “The song is over, you can take the cotton wool out of your ears,” Nagiyev commented on the number.

According to Polina Gagarina, the contestants performed flawlessly, and Baste’s exit from Shnurov’s team reminded him of a “corporate party in the underworld.” In the show format, the participants also performed the composition “Orientation – North” together with Lolita Milyavskaya.

According to the results of the vote, Rusakova gained 56.7% (of which 40% of the mentor), and Vengerov – 143.3%.

Valery Syutkin approached the semifinals with Suren Platonov and Oleg Akkuratov. The latter, according to the mentor, does not make mistakes.

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Platonov sang the song Io ti darò di più in Italian and Russian (this song, entitled “I will give you more”, was performed by Muslim Magomayev). Akkuratov also performed the song I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly, which was previously listed in the list of 500 best songs according to Rolling Stone.

Sergei Shnurov saw in the repertoire the influence of the mentor from the first jury of “Voices” Alexander Gradsky. Polina Gagarina noted that it would be difficult for any performer to compete with Oleg Akkuratov. And Syutkin admitted that the attempt to show a new approach to classical vocals in Platonov’s number was not the most successful (including due to the health condition of the contestant).

Ildar Abdrazakov joined the participants outside the competition. Elton John’s hit Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word was chosen for the “bonus” performance.

Oleg Akuratov got 60% of the mentor, and in total he scored 138.5% against 61.5% that Platonov received. The latter noted that participation in the semifinals for him is already a victory. The participant made a lengthy speech, and Dmitry Nagiyev had to remind him of the regulations several times.

Elizaveta Puris and Vasily Pasechnik represented Basta’s team in the semifinals. The first sang a fragment of the famous Cossack song “Oh, it’s not evening”, and the second sang the composition of Nikolai Noskov “Untitled” on the verses of Sergei Yesenin.

Polina Gagarina thanked Basta for the choice of songs and expressed the opinion that Vasily Pasechnik begins his journey on stage as a great artist. Syutkin praised the vocalist for his sincerity.

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Ivan Dorn came to support the contestants. The trio got the song “Blue, Yellow, Red”.

Elizaveta Puris received 40% from the mentor, and in total – 83.4%. Vasily Pasechnik managed to gain 116.6%.

Thus, the finalists of the project were Yana Gabbasova, Vasily Pasechnik, Oleg Akkuratov and Dmitry Vengerov.

The final episode of the ninth season of The Voice will air on the evening of December 30th. The winner will be determined solely by the results of the audience vote. The funds spent on sending messages will be donated to the WorldVita Foundation, which helps children with cardiovascular, oncological, hematological and other serious diseases.

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