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With the launch of Apple’s new “Apple Watch Series 6” in its virtual conference, many of the company’s customers are wondering about the differences between the modern and previous generation in watches CamelAnd whether the updates are attractive enough to prompt them to buy a new watch.

Design and screen

According to the “iPhone Arena” magazine, Apple has always been keen to choose the best possible design for its devices, especially its watch, to combine effectiveness with an attractive shape, and now the company has supplied its new watch with a new strap it called Solo Loop, which is a bracelet consisting of one piece of silicone and water resistance, Which is available in two shapes, one is a polygon, the other is smooth, and 7 assorted colors.

The external screen is brighter and clearer and is equipped with a 20% faster system compared to the Apple Watch series 5.

Whereas, Apple used the same Retina display for the two generations, with the difference in brightness to give the Always on screen greater clarity in the day and bright environments.

It also appears that Apple has abandoned the Force Touch feature in the Apple Watch series 6 that was integrated into the previous generation Apple Watch series 5, which was expected after it was deleted from the previous generation.

Software and performance

With each new generation of Apple watches, there will be a jump in performance thanks to the continuous development of its chipsets, and as expected, Apple provided the sixth generation of its smart watches with the S6 chip, which relies on the iPhone A13 processor, which would enable the user to enjoy more powerful applications.

In its new model of smart watches, Apple was interested in greatly improving fitness and health features, as the sixth-generation watch has the ability to measure blood oxygen levels and send medical alerts and nutritional advice much better than the fifth generation.

In addition, Apple introduced a new initiative called “Apple Watch Connected” to famous gyms in the United States to help users stay in shape.

the battery

Battery life has always been important in the smartwatch, and Apple says that the Apple Watch Series 5’s 296 mAh battery is up to 18 hours, while Apple is supposed to equip the Series 6 with a 303.8 mAh battery approved by a regulatory body. Korean, which would increase battery life and enable it to support new applications.


Apple has set the price of the Apple Watch Series 6 at $ 399, while Apple Watch Series 5 prices start from $ 399 as well.


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