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At first glance, what you wear to bed seems like a personal choice that nobody else has anything to do with, but there’s more to it than you might think. Many gynecologists believe that sleeping without underwear is the best choice for your health.

Breathing vagina

All day long we cover our vagina with pieces of cloth. Synthetic underpants are out of the question, but natural fabrics, such as cotton, can also cause health problems in the long run. The vagina also needs to be able to breathe, and the night is the perfect time for that, if you ask some gynecologists. Especially when you are regular suffer from vaginal yeast infections is it smart to leave those underpants on the left. Gynecologist Nancy Herta tells Glamour Which night sweat and vaginal discharge can start to boil in underpants, resulting in infections. The area down under giving it a few hours of air each day would help keep it healthy.

Change bed

Although gynecologist Dr. Langdon confirms this claim, but she believes it creates a new problem. On Renew Life she says that sleeping without underwear results in a fuller laundry basket. Night sweat and vaginal discharge are then no longer stopped by a slip, so that it ends up on your bedding. Here too it can start to heat up and cause bacteria. Changing your bed more often is not superfluous.

Loose-fitting underwear

Don’t you like the idea of ​​sleeping without underwear? Then Herta advises to choose loose-fitting underwear. Large men’s boxer shorts are a great option. But also make sure that you go for cotton: this fabric absorbs part of the secretion, while fabrics such as silk or lace retain it, again resulting in a sultry effect.

Even more tips for in bed: this food promotes a good night’s sleep.

Bron: Glamour, Renew Life

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