What is NATO, How a Country Joins and Why Putin Cares


Russian President Vladimir Putin opposes NATO’s military expansion into Eastern Europe. Photo/REUTERS

BRUSSELS – Hundreds of thousands of Moscow troops are deployed near the Ukrainian border and spark fears of an invasion. However, the real crux of the matter is the President’s concern Russia Vladimir Putin about expansion NATO to Eastern Europe.

NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a security alliance established in 1949 to protect Europe from Soviet attacks during the Cold War. The current leader of the alliance is the United States (US).

Of the 14 countries bordering Russia, five have joined or become members of NATO.

quote Bloomberg, Friday (28/1/2022), Ukraine was among the countries that also hoped to join the alliance. But it’s not as fast or easy as it sounds.

Ukraine officially asks to join NATO?

Yes. Ukraine signed up to join in 2008. It was just before a summit in Bucharest, when NATO said that Ukraine and Georgia would join the alliance, but without setting a specific date.

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Georgia has also signed up for admission. So is Bosnia-Herzegovina, although there are too many domestic divisions there to make this a realistic prospect any time soon.

How many NATO Member States?

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