What is known of the case of a teenager in Fort Worth bitten on her face by a dog | Video | Univision 23 Dallas Ft. Worth KUVN

angel: 17:13.news 23 confirmed newinformation about the case ofa teenager who ended up inthe hospital after adog bit her face.there jairo lozano stays inalive, tell us what we couldfind out.reporter: our roomwriting is constantlycommunication, and a few hours agothey did not confirm that the doghad to be sacrificed becausepresented a behavioraggressive, this attack isreported in the neighborhood thatI meet, what is it at 300from emma street. news 23could corroborate that the victimShe is a 14-year-old teenageralso they told us that the dogwas of the pitbull breed, and thatapparently it belonged to the boyfriend of theperson I saw in aresidence, for some reasonunknown the pet bitthe young girl in the faceyesterday afternoon, the paramedicsThey have not said how warm is their stateof health. we know what happensthis type of attacks, there thatI found a list of thesigns that your dogcould attack. you have to bepending, because it could begone, menacing barks,aggressive stance, growls showsteeth, and what to bepending to any ofthese signs.[habla en ingés]jairo: this coach ofdogs explains that parentsfamily should talk with theirchildren before bringing onepet home, because it says thatthey should give them time toadapt to your new home, nowthat delays them between 30 ías a90 you were going to feel comfortableanimal control explained to us thatas it is a civil case,because it happened within aresidence, those involvedthey will have to reach an agreementeating dog year nofaces charges, but wethey said the personaltrained the pet so


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