What is inflammation .. Learn about risk factors and complications and prevent them

Old age leads to a lot of changes in the human body along with physical changes, but aging is not the same for everyone, while some people are getting old, for others, aging revolves around diseases, wrinkled faces and ugly looks.

Aging not only leads to a deterioration of immunity, but another condition closely related to aging is inflammation, which is a chronic condition that impairs a person’s physical, psychological and emotional health and increases the risk of developing age-related diseases, as it dampens the body’s immune response.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation, according to a site report. onlymyhealthChronic, low-grade inflammation in old age is associated with increased morbidity and mortality among the elderly. Chronic low-grade inflammation is the hallmark of obesity and insulin resistance associated with aging, and inflammation is also a risk factor for COVID-19.

What are the factors associated with inflammation?

Factors associated with inflammation are host-derived endogenous cell debris (damaged organelles, cells, and macromolecules) that accumulate with age, aging cells, and immune deficiency that is exacerbated by persistent infections with viruses such as cytomegalovirus, HIV, and Epstein-Barr virus, The accumulation of harmful products (molecular patterns associated with pathogens) and metabolites that have local and systemic effects produced by the intestine and other microbes (orally) that undergo profound changes with age, increasing the activation of the coagulation system associated with age.

Are there any warning signs of infection?

By identifying the initial signs of the condition, you can prevent it by taking the necessary steps. The inflammation also gives alerts that must be identified in time to stay preventive. Here are some warning signs of infection:

Frequent disease

Chronic pain

Visible wrinkles and aging lines

Brain fog or mood issues

A significant difference between your chronological age (facial age) and your internal biological age

Preventive and curative strategies for inflammation

Within the framework of the research strategies depend on, factors that eliminate aging (old cells) in the body, and neutralize inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6 (Effective strategies are vaccines against worsening viruses (CMV And HIV), Steps to boost immune function (stopping smoking and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables), and a healthy lifestyle (age-appropriate physical exercise and a diet specifically for the elderly, including pro and prebiotics).

Inflammation is not only limited to visible aging, but also related to diseases related to age and degeneration, and this can lead to many age-related diseases such as high blood pressure or high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, and atherosclerosis, to name a few. Hence, it is important to prevent inflammation.


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