What is Gaby doing to end her sagging skin?

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Gaby espino

Definitely Gaby Espino is an example to follow, because not only did she become aware of the overweight problem that she suffered, but she solved it seeking help and is also solving the sagging skin that was left by losing 35 pounds.

Through her Instagram account, the Venezuelan opened her heart and opened up to her more than ten million followers, to whom she confessed what was the cause of her notable weight gain.

“Since the end of last year I went through a difficult personal process, which without realizing it was leading me to fill in the gaps and calm a strong anxiety through wrong habits that made me feel better at the moment,” said the businesswoman.

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SMILE … Although sometimes life strikes me … Although not all sunrises are beautiful, Even if the doors are closed to me. I smile … DREAM … Because dreaming costs nothing and relieves my thinking, Because perhaps my dream can be fulfilled, Because dreaming makes me happy. CRY… Because crying purifies my soul and relieves my heart, Because my anguish decreases, even if only a little, Because each tear is a purpose to improve my existence. LOVE… Because to love is to live, Because if I love, perhaps I will receive love, Because I prefer to love and suffer, than to suffer for never having loved. SHARE… Because when I share I grow, Because my sorrows, shared, decrease, And my joys are doubled. I smile, I dream, I cry, I love, I share, I live! “- Walt Whitman. May it be a day to fall in love with life and especially to fall in love with yourself. @Omshivaom 📷 @enriquetubio

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“And depression was directly related to hunger and, according to me, it cured it with food, or rather, with excess food. At this time I understood the damage it was doing to me. And I understood that having too much food had nothing to do with solving my personal problems. “Espino wrote.

So the actress took action on it and did a 90-day challenge with which she managed to lose 35 pounds, inviting them to join #TransformChallenge of #YesYouCan, but obviously after this process her skin became saggy, so Gaby found the solution with the NIR treatment.

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I gave it to myself and my children … I had the opportunity to do a digital detox for a few weeks to listen to me and listen to my soul … Understand the processes I was going through, which were causing me to harm myself unconsciously. Many times we look for peace outside and we find true peace within, where the best answers are. I invested this time in building a better version of me, in all aspects. And I became aware of my Health and my body. Since the end of last year, I’ve been through a difficult personal process; which without realizing it, was taking me to fill gaps, and to calm a strong anxiety, through wrong habits, which made me feel “better” at the moment. And I related depression directly to hunger, and according to me, I cured it with food; or rather, with excess food. I open with you, and I tell you this, because I know that at some point in our lives we have had a bad time, and well, each one has handled their process differently, but I know that many people, in stressful situations, or sad situations, they have related the emotional with food, and it has gotten out of hand … And so was my case … It got out of hand. I am a very spiritual person, and the truth, in this time, that has helped me a lot to grow on a personal level, and to learn to listen to myself; At this time I understood the damage that was being done to me. And I understood that the excess of food had nothing to do with solving my personal problems. I took action. I looked for help. And I started a 90-day challenge, with a community of people fighting for the same goal. Improve your health, optimize your physical energy, and love yourself more than ever. As you can see, I have lost a lot of weight, 35 pounds to be exact 🙌🏼🙏🏻❤️ and today I can show you that process, and invite you to join the #TransformChallenge of #YesYouCan A 90 day challenge where eating delicious, In a healthy and balanced way, I was able to reach my goal. Today I feel better than ever! To use? Those who know me know that I use all #YesYouCan products I started with my Detox, and then with the Transform Kit ON THE G

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But, what is it about? Claudia Lozano, owner of the Beauty Connections medical spa in Doral, Florida where the artist performs the procedure explained the technique.

“NIR technology is a treatment based on deep infrared light. A remodeling of the fifroblasts, that is, causes the collagen, elastin (and) reticulin fibers to nourish (and) thicken. The effect makes the skin thicker (and) when this happens, the skin tightens and reaffirms itself, “stressed the owner of the spa.

Then several questions arise in this regard such as: in which parts of the body can the treatment be carried out? How many sessions is it effective? Does it cause discomfort? Among others.

“We can work it on various parts of the body such as the abdomen, arms, legs (and) the face. It has no side effects, it does not cause pain (and) it is a super comfortable treatment. It works once a week (and) a minimum of six sessions is recommended to see the results. Maintenance can be done every three weeks, “stressed Lozano.

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Only one day is necessary to realize that life is transformed when adversity fails to stop you, start listening to your heart and keep moving forward✨ Only when we listen to what our heart means is when we find the possibility of transforming ourselves, no matter it happens, no matter how big that problem is in the nobility of your heart will be the solution that will guide you to new paths. When you let your heart intervene in your life, problems lead you to solutions and roads to opportunities. Listen to what you have inside and you will understand your own dreams, goals, ideals, and only then can you find everything you deserve and is made for you. You should only remember that when we make a decision and things do not turn out as we expected, it is not because we have done wrong, but only that we did not have the necessary experience and information, but that should not discourage us, because that was only one step to get there. where we deserve to go. Make it a week to realize that only by moving forward and listening to the depths of our hearts is how we modify our destiny and create new paths. ✨Happy and Blessed Start of Week✨ @omshivaom 📷 @enriquetubio 💄 @bbellabymillie 💃🏻 @karlabstyle

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In addition, to end sagging skin, you should also have a balanced diet, complemented by physical exercises and Pilates.


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