News What is Ewing's sarcoma and who can get it?

What is Ewing’s sarcoma and who can get it?


The Ewing’s sarcoma It is a particular and very rare disease, but it generates important complications for those who suffer from it. We will detail it briefly, and we will mention which group of people is more susceptible to experience it.

What is Ewing’s sarcoma?

According Sarcoma HelpEwing’s sarcoma is a disease that generates a set of tumors in who suffers it. These tumors would be caused by primitive cells who “haven’t decided” what tissues they will be.

It is not known for sure what are the cells that cause the neoplasms associated with Ewing’s sarcoma, but it has been proposed that stem cells have a great responsibility in the emergence of the disease due to its ability to become different types of cells.

All tumors related to Ewing’s sarcoma have in common the translocation, which is the mechanical and posterior rupture of two different chromosomes. Generally, translocation occurs between chromosomes 11 and 22.

Who can suffer from Ewing’s sarcoma?

Ewing’s sarcoma is a rare disease, having an incidence of 3 cases per million people with ages under 20 years. 90% of cases appear among people between 5 and 25 years old. Very rarely it appears in patients over twenty-five.

Ewing’s sarcoma has a greater presence among men than women, with men having a shorter life expectancy because of this disease. On the other hand, Ewing’s sarcoma is more common among Caucasian people than in patients of African origin.

Ewing’s sarcoma will cause bone loss because the tumors associated with the disease are able to consume bones. This warrants that you quickly consult a specialist in order to start a treatment that takes care of your Health.



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