“What is a Woman?” Documentary Goes Viral on Twitter with Over 128 Million Views


The American documentary “What is a Woman?” (? What is a woman) – which discusses the idea of ​​transgender people with more than 128 million views since it was posted on Friday on the social networking platform Twitter.

Thousands shared their admiration for the idea of ​​the film presented by American broadcaster Matt Walsh, which they described as presenting the true picture of promoters of child sexual transformation and other rejected ideas.

The producer defines the film as “the question you are not allowed to ask, and the documentary they do not want you to see,” describing what it includes as “Walsh’s journey, comical and deeply disturbing, as he questions the logic behind the movement of gender ideology that targeted women and children.”

Walsh, on his journey throughout the film, tries to answer the question, “What is a woman?” He asks psychiatrists, men on the streets, members of the Maasai tribes in Africa, and interviews a gay man in San Francisco, getting different answers.

The presenter discusses the idea of ​​promoting sexual transformation, especially for children, as he criticizes that these topics are discussed by children who cannot distinguish fact from fiction, and who do not have enough awareness to make such a dangerous decision.

Filmmaker Walsh celebrated this unexpected popularity, commenting on his Twitter account today, “110 million views (later increased to more than 128 million) and 120,000 retweets, this is unbelievable.”

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The film received wide attention immediately after it was posted on Twitter, and it received a strong boost after its promotion from the owner of Twitter (Elon Musk), who commented in a tweet that was watched by more than 77 million people, and said that the film should be watched by all parents.

The film also won the admiration of the viewers, criticizing those ideas that began to spread despite their apparent corruption and lack of any real logic.

Bloggers praised the film and the presenter’s presentation, which showed the truth of many of the allegations repeated by transgender promoters.

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Former US Secretary of State Ben Carson saluted Musk for making the film available and supporting it via Twitter, asking everyone to watch the film, commenting, “We must protect our children.”

The film is directed by Justin Falk, starring Wallach and Jordan Petersen, produced by The Daily Wire.

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + social media sites

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