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These are meteors that fall and cross the earth’s surface in large numbers.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Phenomenon astronomy we often hear about it: meteor showers. However, in fact, what is it to rain meteor?

Quoted from the BRIN official website, on Wednesday (3/1/2022), it was raining meteor or meteor shower they are meteors that fall and cross the earth’s surface in large numbers so that from the earth’s surface it will look like falling rain. This is what is known as a meteor shower.

In short, meteor showers can occur due to meteoroids entering the Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds. BRIN explained, meteor showers can be caused by several things, namely:

1. Trajectory/orbit of comet meets Earth’s orbit. This is because the two orbits are elliptical and allow for a temporal encounter between the Earth’s orbit and the comet as it passes close to the earth.

2. When a comet passes through the interior of the solar system, the light and heat from the sun cause gas and dust to be expelled from its surface.

3. When a comet passes close to the earth, an energy appears which can cause pressure. It can also dramatically increase the number of meteors entering the earth.

Even though they fall towards the earth and interact with the earth’s atmosphere, these falling meteors usually do not reach the earth’s surface because they burn up as they pass through the atmosphere.

The meteors that reach the earth’s surface are meteors that are larger in size than the others. Indeed, it can form meteor craters on the earth’s surface, such as the Barringer crater in Arizona, United States (USA).

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