What Happens when the Sun Rises from the West? Here’s the Explanation

TEMPO.CO, JakartaSun is the center of the solar system surrounded by the planets, incl Earth. Every day the sun moves from east to west. However, as we know, the Sun does not move around the Earth, but vice versa. Earth’s revolution and rotation causes the Sun to rise in the east every morning and set in the west every evening.

The Earth rotates from west to east, which is why the Sun and other celestial bodies rise from east to west. The constant direction of the Earth’s rotation makes the direction of the rising and setting of the Sun always the same. At present, there has been no in-depth research regarding the possibility of changing the direction of the Earth’s rotation.

Scientific View of the Sun Rising from the West

Regardless of a spiritual belief, there are a number of causes and effects for the rising of the Sun from the west. One thing that can change the direction of Earth’s rotation and cause the Sun to rise in the West is a geomagnetic reversal or magnetic field. A number of astronomers do often study this, but they cannot confirm its impact on the direction of Earth’s rotation.

Launch businessinsider.com, recently revealed that the Earth’s core has the potential to stop rotating or even change its rotation direction. However, it cannot solely change the direction of the Earth’s rotation as previously mentioned.

Changes in the direction of rotation on other planets such as Venus and Mars are also often debated. Some researchers claim that the change in the direction of the planet’s rotation is real, while others consider it just an apparent motion (retrograde motion).

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As far as scientists predict, the direction of the Earth’s rotation will not change suddenly. If indeed one day the direction of the Earth’s rotation changes, a major disaster that could destroy all creatures is very likely to occur. The Earth’s atmosphere cannot withstand these spontaneous changes, causing supersonic storms, hurricanes, and unstoppable megatsunamis.

However, if the direction of Earth’s rotation changes slowly, the impact may not be as chaotic as the initial scenario. A physics researcher, Sharika Hafeez, said the weather on Earth would be very different, making living things need to adapt a lot. The desert will shrink, greenery will grow more. Lush plants will store more carbon so that oxygen production is also greater. This would cool Earth’s atmosphere.

Even though the Earth is getting greener, changing the direction of Earth’s rotation is not an “ideal solution” to the climate crisis. The thermohaline circulation will disappear and there will be other, stronger currents. A new desert in Brazil will be created, cyanobacteria will rule the oceans and produce too much dangerous oxygen. Wind patterns will also change and cause extreme weather differences in the European region.

Would those multiple changes simply wipe out Earth beings? A science writer, Bill Bryson, argues that the Earth seems very suitable for living things not purely because it is like that, but it is living things that continue to evolve according to the development of Earth’s conditions.


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