What Happens If You Forget Your Ticket to Jay Chou’s Concert After Spending 7,000 Yuan?

What happens if a girl spends 7,000 yuan to watch Jay Chou’s concert and forgets to bring her ticket? It turned out that a woman spent 7,000 yuan to buy scalper tickets, but forgot to bring the tickets!

According to the person involved, he cried anxiously when he learned half an hour before the show that he could not enter the venue without a paper ticket, and called the police in desperation. After the police arrived, they patiently communicated with all parties and settled the matter within ten minutes. I am very grateful to him, because seemingly a small thing is very important to the fans. After receiving the help from Taiyuan police, I felt that this trip was perfect.


“Oh my God, it’s seven thousand. Fortunately, there are police. Otherwise, I’m just in a hurry. If I spend so much money and can’t see it, I’d probably collapse.”

“Thank you, comrade police, for your help.”

“Girls love Jay Chou so much. Fortunately, there is a policeman to help.”

The police remind that for performance tickets, you should buy them from regular sales platforms. Do not buy tickets at low prices from unreliable platforms, nor rely on scalpers. If you encounter an institution or individual selling tickets at a high price, you should call the police Complain and report promptly. For illegal activities such as illegal ticket hoarding and ticket scalping by “scalpers” and third-party platforms, the public security organs will work with industry authorities to severely crack down on them, investigate their legal responsibilities in accordance with the law, and impose corresponding penalties.

Editor in charge: Li Xiaoling

2023-09-25 00:45:00
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